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Chapter 8

  • Alex
  • - I don't think I understand you correctly, Ralph, but are you telling me that you are a woman? - I say, shocked. Of course I have no prejudice. In my own agency there were several female security guards, but they were for the protection of my models. Now knowing that I would be followed by a woman, that didn't make me comfortable at all.
  • - Alex, my friend, yes, she is a woman. She is very good at what she does, and she left here a few minutes ago, so maybe you have even met.
  • - Well, I don't know? Do I? - I doubt it. But I was really worried about the things I still had to solve.
  • - No problem. I made an appointment to meet her tomorrow and when I say that she is one of the best professionals in the area, it's because she really is," Ralph says very confidently.
  • - Ralph, I know your friend is a professional, the problem is: Does she have experience with children?
  • - I am sure she does. - he says fervently. -I'm sure you won't even notice when she's near you.
  • - Hahaha. I'm sure I'll notice," I reply, laughing.
  • - Well, tomorrow you're going to meet Jack. I hope everything works out and soon you will be free of all this and manage to put that bitch Veronica in jail.
  • - I'm counting on it. - I answer. We stand there talking about the twins and I end up telling him about what happened with Renata.
  • - Alex, I've already told you that this maid of yours has been wanting you for a long time.
  • - Really, you told me... - he says, sighing deeply.
  • It wasn't only Ralph who had this opinion. Other friends had already commented that Renata ate me with her eyes, but I simply laughed and ignored it.
  • - Only that I don't want anything to do with her, or, for that matter, with anyone else! - I answer firmly.
  • - Alex, have a serious talk with her. Otherwise, she will become a nuisance just like Veronica - Ralph warns me.
  • I shudder just thinking about it. I don't want any more women, my heart is closed, or rather, it died the day Sarah left me.
  • - I have already asked her to meet me at the office and let's talk about these attitudes," I say.
  • We talk some more, and I realize that it is almost lunchtime, so I leave for the agency.
  • When I arrive, I solve a few problems and sign some paperwork. Soon I realize that the time to take the children to school is approaching, but since I couldn't take them, they will take the school bus. I put my hand in my pocket and realize that my cell phone is no longer there. I get worried, where could it be? I look all over the room and nothing. I call home and ask Renata to talk to the children, wish them good luck and they go to school. I remember the meeting with Ralph and call him:
  • - Hello, Ralph. It's Alex. - I speak as soon as he answers.
  • - Do you miss me already? - Rafa mocks. - Rafa, seriously, you think you're too much, right? I'm not calling to tell you that I miss you. - I'm calling because I think I forgot my cell phone in your office. Will you check it for me?
  • - Just a moment. - he answers me. I hear him put the phone on the table and walk away. He takes the phone back. - Alex, it's not here, I even asked my secretary to look in the anteroom and nothing. Are you sure you forgot it here?
  • - I don't know, Ralph! I'm starting to think that I really lost it, the problem is that there are some memories of Sarah on it.
  • - I know, my friend, so you'd better call her cell phone. - Ralph tells me and I agree with him.
  • - You are right. I will call her. Maybe whoever found it will give it back to me," I say.
  • - Then call soon, and then you can tell me what happened," he adds.
  • - Sure, Rafa. Thanks again. - I say goodbye to him.
  • We finish talking and I begin to call my cell phone. It calls and calls and no one answers until it goes to voicemail. I call several times during the day. I was already desperate because no one was answering my calls. Could it be that they had already sold my cell phone? I didn't know what to think anymore.
  • The hours go by and when I look at the clock, it is already time to go home. I turn everything off, grab my things, and head straight out of my office. I tell my secretary that she can leave now and ask her to lock up before I leave. I get my car and drive straight to my apartment. When I arrive, I find the twins already changed and in their pajamas.
  • - My loves, how are you? - I ask, when I see them both coming running to throw themselves into my arms. With their embrace I feel that all worries are gone.
  • - I'm fine, Dad," replies Caio. I notice that Valentina is silent and doesn't answer my question.
  • - And you, my princess, how are you? - I ask my little girl.
  • - Me too, I'm fine, Dad! - she says and I feel relieved. Sometimes Valentina is very quiet, but sometimes, like every other child, she is also very impulsive. She liked to play and make mischief, especially when she was together with Caio. There were days when these two would just get into mischief, just like any