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Chapter 10

  • Jack
  • Holy shit, that's him right there! Okay, Jack! Wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth. Knowing that he is my client shocked me! I was freaking out, I could only be, or rather, delirious. How could I have imagined that Ralph's friend and the Iceman were the same person? For God's sake, this man is definitely a cat! Now seeing him like this, near me, is a delicious torture, I can't touch him. Lord in heaven, help me, for this will not be an easy mission! All right, breathe, be a good girl, don't touch him, and don't act like a teenage girl with her hormones in overdrive.
  • I was still in shock, fate had to be joking. If someone had told me that the delicious ogre in the elevator would be my future protégé, I would have said that this was a bad joke!
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