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Chapter 4

  • Jack
  • - The crazy woman wanted to have sex with him, and Alex didn't want to. - Ralph shrugs.
  • - And what did she want with that? - I ask, trying to understand what she wanted.
  • - She just wanted to make money off him. Jack, I won't say that Alex is a saint, but she played dirty.
  • - True, Ralph. - I comment and then I hear my cell phone ring. I look and it is a notification from the "SERVICE" group on WhatsApp, telling me there is a meeting today. I deserve this one. - Ralph, my friend, I have to go.
  • - Is there a problem? - he asks worried.
  • - Yes, there is a meeting today. I think it must be about training," I say in a sorry tone.
  • - Damn, Jack," Ralph comments.
  • - Ralph, talk to your friend and tell him that I will take his case, give me all the information and tell him that I will contact him.
  • - Okay, I will send all the information to your e-mail and let Alex know.- he says.
  • - I'll be waiting, now I have to go. - I get up and begrudgingly leave the couch so tasty.
  • - Go to sleep, Jack. - he says after my yawn.
  • - I will, Mom," I joke with him, "but I'm feeling really tired.
  • - How many nights have you been without proper sleep? - he asks.
  • - I think I've lost count, after all, when you are a private security guard, people don't let you sleep.
  • - At least, with Alex, you will be calm, because he rarely goes out at night with us. His life is work and his kids.
  • - Wow, really? - I am surprised, since he is a young man, it would be normal for him to go out with his friends and maybe even to date. - I am relieved. Don't forget to give me the information," I say hurriedly. I place my gun on my back and ask Ralph to warn the security guards about my departure so that there will be no disturbance with the alarms.
  • - All right, stay calm," he says, and we say goodbye.
  • As I leave, I bump into R$1.99 Barbie, who pretends not to see me go by. I go towards the elevator asking God for strength not to faint inside that thing. As soon as I reach the floor, people get out and I get in, looking at the ceiling and listening to the conversation of the others, not even noticing when the elevator stops and opens the door. At that moment, all I hear is someone talking on his cell phone and I am immediately surprised by the tone of his voice. I am amazed at this man and his beauty, for he was spectacular. He must have been six feet tall, at least Handsome for him was not enough, he had a goatee that enchanted me and his perfume... "FUCKING FUCK!" It was too good, my desire was to lean against him and smell even more of that smell that, by the way, made me really horny. Something I had never felt before from a stranger. He changes his mind during the conversation he has on his cell phone and says:
  • - I said, "God damn it! I don't want to hear about that damn woman anymore!
  • The hot guy was angry and being very rude to the person on the other end of the line. I can imagine that he is not easy to deal with. Is he like this all the time? I tried to listen to what he was saying, while paying attention to how he was as much of a hottie as my grandmother thought he was. I wonder if he is married. He must be. It's bad that such a beautiful and hot man is single. While he is talking on his cell phone, I pay attention to every detail. I see no harm in watching. Of course I feel a little perverted, with all the thoughts I have about that stranger. But I keep thinking... what if he really was married, poor woman who could stand him. For me, it would be no problem to be locked up with him, in a room. Just the two of us and a mattress.
  • I feel an unusual heat and start to shake myself. First item on my to-do list: take a nice cold shower. My thoughts are interrupted when I hear the handsome man yelling so loudly into his cell phone: that all the people looked at him. The man was really an ogre to shout like that inside an elevator.
  • - No, Guilherme. Get in touch with my lawyer," he snarls. And I imagine him growling in my ear and my body shakes. Everyone in the elevator looks at him startled, and he continues - William, for God's sake! Get in touch with Bruno, I don't want anything to reach my children's ears. They are just children!
  • Speaking like that, the man sounded like an ogre and while he was talking on the phone I had the impression that he was growling, and after his last line, I was sure that he must be married. I felt a twinge of sadness in my heart. But still my thoughts with that man continued... My God. I don't pay attention to anything else. I stay there thinking about the hot guy and don't even realize that I'm inside the elevator... Everyone has already gone down. I look around perplexed and find myself alone. Geez, how is it possible that the elevator at this time is empty, I mean, not empty, with me inside. I hear a noise and realize that I was not alone at all, I look to see where the noise was coming from and realize that they have lost the cell phone. With curiosity, I pick it up to see and feel the device still half empty.