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Alpha Vs Luna

Alpha Vs Luna


Last update: 2023-06-20

Chapter 1

  • Screams were eluding the once peaceful aura as fire raged and destroyed everything in its sight, everyone was running away from the scene of battle and trying to get themselves and others into safety.
  • The clashing of metal was ringing throughout the palace as the soldiers did their best to protect their leader, but their best wasn’t enough as more of the enemy attackers barged in to support their allies.
  • “My Queen!! You need to leave immediately!!” One of her men screamed as he fought four attackers at once.
  • Octavia was in shock but she didn’t hesitate to grab her bladed fan to defend the Beta,
  • “My Queen, what are you doing?! I said run not fight!! If they capture you they won’t spare you or the princess!! Get out of here!!” He yells and pushes her away to have a deep cut form in his chest as a sword ran through his body.
  • He groans in pain but this only angers the Queen.
  • “Destructive Harmony!!” A magenta energy eludes from her being and all the attackers scream in agony as their ears begin to bleed at the tunes that escaped from the ball of energy, slowly leading to their death.
  • “I will not leave you Xerxes….” She slings his body over hers and carries him to a safe place.
  • “What are you doing Octavia? Just let me die…..” He begged her but he knew she was too stubborn, she didn’t even hear him say a thing, she continued to drag him to a safe place, and when they were behind the throne room, she opens a seal with her magic and they go in with the walls closing behind them.
  • She drops him and collapses next, breathing heavily, her clothes were torn and her delicate parts were revealed, she wipes the sweat and blood from her face, her magenta orbs turning to him.
  • “What is your problem exactly?” He asks her, “why are you so bent on getting yourself killed?!” He is insanely infuriated at her but all he gets as a response is a tight slap.
  • He is shocked at the force of the impact, she was exhausted but she could still manage a decent life-changing slap.
  • “And what is your problem? Why are you so bent on sacrificing yourself?” She snarls at him, clearly frustrated with the man.
  • His eyes soften as he cupped her cheek, “do not touch me, I don’t even want to see your face.” She swats his hand away but he pulls her into an embrace, “you’re a fool.” She sobs on his bloody chest.
  • “I’m sorry……” It was all he could say, “we need to find the princ— I mean Arcadia, she can’t defend herself and they will most likely go after her.” He tries to get to his feet but she pushes him back.
  • “I will find my daughter, stay here,” she commands,
  • “I cannot let you go alone Oct—” he is cut short.
  • “It is Queen Octavia, I will find my daughter.” She opens the seal and closes it behind her, leaving the wounded warrior to rest.
  • Arcadia was hiding behind the columns of the palace, breathing heavily, she had never been in the middle of a war, and it was downright horrifying. She hoped her mother was fine, she couldn’t stand anything happening to her parents.
  • She sees an opening and attempts to go to a safer place until she is held back by one of the enemy’s troops.
  • “What do we have here? Master would be proud for bringing the gem of the kingdom.” He looked hungry for her flesh and her eyes held fear and pain as he dug his claws into her skin.
  • “Let me go!! Someone help me!!!” She pleads and kicks against him but he is dragging her away, to a silent place where no one would be able to hear her screams while he satisfied himself.
  • He was doing that until his head came rolling off.
  • Arcadia jumps back at the unnatural phenomena, people don’t just lose heads like that. Until she saw her mother in front of her, shaking off the blood from her fan,
  • “Mother?!” Her eyes well with tears, she had never been so happy before in her life.
  • She embraces her with the remaining strength she had left as she began to cry uncontrollably, “I thought….I thought…..” she kept sniffing she couldn’t even form a complete statement.
  • “They will never be able to take me alive, I would rather die than be at the mercy of the enemy.” She tries to calm her down, stroking her long hair gently. But their little show of affection had attracted attackers to them. They were surrounded on all sides and it was give up or die.
  • Octavia hid her daughter behind her as she shook violently, she drew her fans to her chest, she was ready to fight. She would fight to make sure they didn’t touch her precious gem.
  • “Mother?” Arcadia didn’t like the look her mother had on, knowing fully well that she was going to do something drastic. And it was confirmed when her eyes was enveloped in magenta Aura.
  • “Just stay behind me at all times.” The queen commands and they charge towards them.
  • They were all coming from the back first and with a spin, she beheads one of the attackers and chops off another arm, Arcadia made sure to always stay at her back.
  • She throws her fan to impale one in the eyes, making him fall limp and bleed to death, her other fan, she impales in a person’s heart before picking up one of the idle swords and cutting off another head.
  • She pushes Arcadia away as she got into a duel with a soldier.
  • “We would take her!!” He pushes his strength over her.
  • “Over my dead body!!” She pushed back and he stumbles a bit, she gives a deafening scream and the soldier begins to cry in pain, holding his ears as he began to bleed from all orifices, before collapsing to his death.
  • Everyone was dead. And Arcadia was petrified.
  • Her perception of her mother had changed completely, she didn’t see the calm woman that always loved everyone. She saw a monster.
  • A murderer.
  • And a protector.
  • “Arcadia…..” She moves closer to her child, “my gem….” She’s almost there until she is impaled with a blade through her heart, she coughs out her blood as she sees the look of horror on her child’s face.
  • Her vision begins to fade as Arcadia ran to her, pain, anger and confusion in her eyes,
  • “Father!!!!!”