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Chapter 14

  • Crouching down, Brody moved a little further over the knoll. “They have both containers loaded up.”
  • Tess watched through the binoculars. “Everyone is gone but the driver of the truck and that jeep parked at the end.”
  • Brody looked over to Joslee. He’d been filling Dom and the others in on what was happening. He shook his head. “They don’t have an ID yet.” Glaring at the truck, he clenched his jaw a few times. “Too bad we can’t get close enough to disable the truck to stall until the Captain gets it together.”
  • Lowering the binoculars she looked at him and then back to the truck. “Tell me what to do and I’ll pop down do it and get back here.”
  • “What if you can’t get back just like that?” He didn’t want to agree with her idea, but a part of him knew it was probably the only chance they had. They couldn’t follow the truck, not from this location—there was no way they wouldn’t be noticed.
  • “They had to have the things shut off, right? Wouldn’t that mess with the trucks electrical system or something?” Her eyes looked hopeful.
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