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Chapter 19

  • Tess couldn’t have turned around and looked behind if she had a chance; she was sandwiched between the Councilman and one of his goons. When the earpiece attached to her earring had gone dead, she could only hope that Brody got her signal. Chewing on the inside of her cheek, she cautiously looked at the man sitting beside her. He hadn’t uttered one word since they’d gotten in the car. The driver kept looking at her in the mirror and she tried to avoid making eye contact with him as well.
  • When the car turned a corner in a rush speed, the councilman’s weight hit her. The only reason they would speed up had to mean they were being followed. She knew Dom well enough to know if he was the one driving there was no way this driver was going to be able to lose him—the man had chased down a perp on foot more than once; in a vehicle he was a demon. All she had to do was hold it together until backup got here.
  • The car veered again, taking a cut off at the last possible second. Grabbing her purse, she waited for a chance to open it without being noticed. Grayson had given her more than just pretty communicating jewellery; he’d had a small version of her transportable gun made. No metal, no detection. She’d really meant to tell Brody about it but then he’d starting kissing her and she forgot all about it, barely having the brain capacity to touch up her makeup and get to the ready room on time.
  • “I can’t lose them.” The driver announced in an annoyed tone.
  • Tess smirked in the darkened car.
  • “It seems we’ve got something important of theirs.” The slimy councilman said while looking at her. “Slow down, I’ve decided I want them there when we set it off.”
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