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Chapter 8

  • ~Gabriella's POV~
  • I picked Xander up after work and we drove to Chloe and Alex's condo. When I entered and parked the car, they were sitting outside. Alex was taken aback. He rushed over to me.
  • "Where did you obtain the money to purchase a $3-8 million car?” My eyes widened.
  • "What do you mean?"
  • "This car you are driving is worth $3-8 million. Gabby, I can think of just one person from whom I could obtain this car without hesitation: Xander's father."
  • "How come you believe that he is the only one who can afford the car?"
  • "Do you recall the first time you met him? Are you aware of what you drank? You were sipping a two-million-dollar bottle of champagne, the Fucken Henri IV Dugognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne, Gabby, while he sipped a 1.4-million-dollar bottle of Russo-Baltique Vodka, What good is a car if a person can squander that much money on a drink?"
  • My eyes widened. I just shrugged it off.
  • " He did not buy this car; someone else gifted it to me today."
  • "Who would give you such an extravagant car? Is it a man?" I was aware that Alex was overprotective of me after Xander's father, but I was not expecting him to make such a comment.
  • "No, it was an elderly woman I met a week ago. After our interaction at the hospital, she requested I bring Xander to her. In any case, I was aware that the car was expensive, but I was not expecting it to be that expensive. What is the car's name?"
  • "Gabby, you're driving de freakin’ Karlmann King. The most expensive SUV in the world."
  • "Why would Grandma Felicia purchase such a costly car for me?"
  • "You are one blessed bitch girl," Chloe said. Alex entered the house, holding Xander with him.
  • "You are dazzling. OMG, are you expecting?" I inquired of Chloe, and she just nodded. I was overjoyed. Alex and Chloe have been trying to conceive for a long time, and I am about to become an aunt. I could tell Chloe was in a good mood. We sat outdoors as she continued to tell me about their anniversary in Dubai. I have never been outside of the country since I was born. Hearing about her vacation gave me the illusion of being there with them. It was growing late, and Xander and I said our last farewells.
  • ~Javier’s POV~
  • I was bored at my workplace. Unsure what to do this weekend, I grabbed my phone and dialed Grandma's number. She answered my call much too quickly.
  • "Hello, son. How are you today?"
  • "Grandma, I was wondering as to whether Xavier would be in town this weekend."
  • "Of course, I asked his mother to take him after school every Friday, and she agreed. I want his presence at one of our Sunday sessions. Those ladies are always rubbing it in my face that I have no great-grandchildren. "
  • "But grandma Xavier isn't mine," I giggled at my grandma's comment.
  • "At the very least, he looks identical to you. I'd want to ask you a question. Are you certain that young man is not yours? I've noticed how he consumes bread the majority of the time he is around. He takes every stride you take. I remain unconvinced that he is not your son. Perhaps we might do a DNA test."
  • "Grandma, why are you interested in doing a DNA test on that boy? What if the mother finds out? "
  • "She doesn’t have to know. If he's not your son, we can carry on as if nothing happened, if then if he’s your son, you will decide what to do next. "
  • "No, grandmother, let's not do it; it's wrong."
  • "Well, to me, he is your son, DNA or not. That young man is oozing my blood. Anyway, what did you want?"
  • "Can I come take him tomorrow and I will take him on Sunday morning?"
  • "Take him with you today, and bring him to me tomorrow night. I will have his mother bring him to your office."
  • "I believe you said that she was not driving. How is she going to bring him to my office ?"
  • "I gave her one of my cars. I'll have her drive him to your office. "
  • I can't believe my grandma would give an expensive car to a complete stranger. Sandra, on another hand, has never received anything from my grandma.
  • Who is Xander’s mother?