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Chapter 3

  • ~Gabriella's POV~
  • "Yeah, babe, explode for me, give me your first orgasm, burst in my mouth," Does he seriously want me to. bursts in his mouth, is it pee coming, shit does he was to drink my pee, no no no, I tried to arch back, but I was pressed against the bed, he was a wolf and I was the prey. I stopped fighting.
  • "Javier!" I shouted, unable to control myself and what was going to spill. 
  • "Yes, my Fox, cum for me." 
  • "Javier..." I screamed, fluid poured from my sex, and I was completely lost. What was that? " I asked Panting. He just chuckled. Looked at me, fuck everything my sex spilled was on his mouth and he swallowed everything.
  • "Your first orgasm baby! tangy I like."
  • Dear Lord in heaven, what have I gotten myself into? This man is trouble. He is leading me to hell.
  • He then placed his finger on my door. I shrieked. Using his hands, he shoved in and out. I was coming once again. 
  • "It's happening again, Javier." 
  • " Yes baby cum for me, I was now starting to enjoy it. As I came again, I yelled his name."
  • He turned on the TV while shoving his fingers in and out, looked for sex sites, and asked if I could take him like that. I grabbed the remote and pressed the power off button. I removed his boxers. Well, I had an expert, Chloe. She was continually telling me how to suck a guy. She used to teach me with a banana, but I won't tell him. I kissed him while I stared at him. I wanted to make sure he felt the same way I did. I began with the cap, as Chloe had instructed. I began with his dickcap. I sucked it. I could hear him moan. I was ecstatic. That means I'm on the right track. Chloe advised me to try to take his cock all in, but there's no way I'm taking everything in. Javier was too big to be taken all in. I rubbed his shaft, sprinkling saliva all over it, and then sucked him. I was pounding in and out, quickening my pace. After that, I reached for his balls. I sucked his balls. I heard him moan loudly this time. He yanked my hair and started thrusting it in my mouth, then took his cock in. Then he shoved his sperm into my mouth. I swallowed his cum in the same way he did, and he seemed astonished.
  • “My fox, you are full of surprises. You just made me cum.” He grinned and lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Javier was enormous and towering, and I was like a kid to him. He carried me as if I were nothing.
  • He pushed me back up onto the bed. He claimed my lips once again, pressing his tongue against them, demanding entrance, and I gladly gave him access. My whole body was shivering. I then saw him smiling at me, caressing himself and touching his crotch. I was concerned as to why he was stroking his groin, but he just grinned and said.
  • "Getting ready, sweetie." 
  • He sucked in between my thighs once more, then reached for my hot box with his tongue; I squeezed my walls, scissoring them. I yelled his name as he kept on thrusting me with his tongue. It was hard to control myself.
  • I released, "Javier!." I screamed his name. He then positioned his shaft at my entrance.
  • "Gabriella, this will hurt, but only for a short time. Are you ready?" With a nod, I agreed. 
  • "Now, my fox, I want you to keep eye contact with me and look at me with every thrust I make. Never, ever, ever break eye contact with me. Ready?" He inquired once again, and I nodded. 
  • He slid in. I screamed. My eyes widened. I was taken aback and looked at him. He waited patiently for me to get acquainted with his shaft. Instead of thrusting, he buried his face into my chest for over 2 minutes before sucking on my nipple. I was instantly soaked. He grabbed one of my legs and slung it over his shoulder. He began pounding in and out gently. When I saw he was going all in, I screamed once again. Our eyes were fixed on one another. He started thrusting me hard; It felt as though his shaft was hitting my lungs. It was hard to breathe. He then increased his pace even harder. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was at a loss about what to do. I tightened my grasp on him, and I heard him groan. He turned on me while ravishing me, and my a$$ was up high. He was mumbling,
  • "Fuck," and groaning. I was hoping he'd kill me. He fucked me even harder this time. I was sobbing. I hopped on top of him and started riding him. He was groaning nonstop. He gripped my waist as though to encourage me. He dragged me down and put both of my legs over his shoulders. As he slammed in, his a$$ flexed. He dragged my head up higher. He was cumming, I could tell. As he hammered harder, I became drained. I yelled his name, which echoed throughout the room. He shot me within, flooding me with sperm. As he inhaled, I heard him yell,
  • "Fuck," and he glanced at me and kissed the top of my head. My whole body was drenched in sweat. He then asked me to come down so he could change the bedsheets. The bed had turned into a puddle of blood. He removed everything and replaced the bed covers. We talked. He inquired as to what I did for a living once again. Did he suddenly forget he had asked me this question before? Did my pussy make him forget everything? I pray he doesn't forget my name. I chuckled and answered once more. I informed him that I was still a student. He gazed at me as though he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He then inquired as to my age. I informed him I was 21 years old again, and he replied that he was 31. I felt uncomfortable, but I knew he was older than me. I told him which university I was going to. He hopped on top of me. We did it all night and lost count of how many times we fucked. We fucked till I couldn't anymore. I don't know when I fell asleep; I could hear his heartbeat while lying on his chest. It felt great to be that near to him. It felt so peaceful, and I was already head over heels in love with this guy. I was so certain of my feelings for him that I wouldn't exchange him for anything.