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Chapter 10

  • ~Gabriella’s POV~
  • "Grandma, I'm aware that you've been wondering about Xander's father, and I'm sorry I never had the opportunity to tell you what occurred between me and his father. I met him after completing my university's third-year exams. My friends advised me that I needed to find a boyfriend since I had never dated, and so we went to a nightclub. It was my first experience at a nightclub. I drank alcohol for the first time, and Xander's father joined me. We danced together and ultimately left the club together, to a hotel he had reserved before coming to the club. I had my first kiss and lost my virginity on the same day. I kissed and slept with Xander's father for the first time. We had a good time. I awoke the following morning alone in bed. He was gone. I hoped he would return, but he never did. I continued returning to the hotel with the expectation of seeing him and informing him about my pregnancy, but I had no luck locating him. He had vanished, leaving no trace. I spent the first three months looking for him but was unsuccessful. I dropped out of school in search of jobs and to care for my son. I had been alone since I was a child at the orphanage. My friends were quite supportive. I discovered who I had slept with not long just this year. I saw a photo of him on television and learned that he was engaged to another woman. I was in pain, but then I realized that it was just a one-night stand. I never made an issue of it. My son and I have been getting along well without him, and I have no intentions of informing him about my son. I hope to God that I never have another encounter with him. I chose not to inform him that he had left me pregnant that day. I believed we were connected. I was mistaken. I don't plan on telling him about Xander. He is better off in the dark. He seems to be content with his fiancée, and I don't want to upset him by bringing my son to meet him. Well, I do not despise him. He is Xander’s father, but I will never forgive him. He was aware that I had never had sex before, yet he used no protection and left me pregnant and alone. He had experience, but I lacked it, which is one of the reasons I despise men."
  • After I explained my tale to grandmother Felicia, I saw she was enraged.
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