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Chapter 233 Did It Get Exposed?

  • When I couldn’t reach Pitbull on the phone, I immediately called Jeremy. The phone rang for a long time before his groggy voice came through. He was still asleep at this hour. “Hello? Hudson, what’s the matter?”
  • “Did Pitbull call you tonight?” I asked.
  • “No. Did something happen?”
  • After pondering for a moment, I urged, “Hurry and find Pitbull now!”
  • Pitbull was the only one who knew about Lance. Since Jessie had shut down Alex’s drug dealing network completely this time, Alex had suffered a great loss as the damages were irreversible; even I could imagine how furious he must be.
  • At the same time, Alex and Lance were the only two who knew about this drug dealing network. With Lance having been missing for this long, Alex must have looked for his traces in secret all this while. Nevertheless, Pitbull and I did everything flawlessly that day, so no one else should have known about it.
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