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Chapter 9

  • “I will not tolerate anyone fighting my patients in my hospital!” an authoritative voice yelled out which echoed round the room as I drowsily looked up to find out that Traevon had come between Cheryl and I.
  • He had been the one to separate the fight. The look on Cheryl’s face was priceless as she tried to attack me again but instead got blocked by the doctor.
  • “If you try to touch the hair on her head, I will have no choice but to retaliate and call security for you to be thrown out of this premises in the most embarrassing way possible,” he threatened as she took a step back.
  • “Don’t test me ma’am. Right now you hitting my patient is making me defensive. I don’t care if she is your sister or your friend, once you hit her, you will be taken as a threat and I will have no choice but to neutralize that threat.”
  • Cheryl saw the deadly look in Taevon’s eyes as she decided that it was not a wise move to keep fighting a battle which she would lose horribly.
  • She wiped the blood from her cheek as it had the scratch from my fingertips on it.
  • “I guess I’ll be seeing you around,” she said to me before she walked out of the room with a strut, pushing past some nurses who tutted in her direction.
  • He looked down at me as I tried to stand up. The nurses tried to help but he held up his hand.
  • “Just close the door, I’ll be here for a while with her. Also get me a first aid kit to clean up her wounds,” he ordered the nurses as they nodded, closing the doors while he helped me to my feet.
  • “Thank you,” I sighed, feeling the pain in my back getting worse as he led me to the bed.
  • “I have no idea what you were thinking getting into a fight with your sister but it was not a wise move to make.”
  • I kept quiet as I was too tired to get into an argument with him. He was not going to get me angry just as she had done. Besides, I did not want to talk about her. I was hurting both physically and mentally.
  • I had to find a way to forget about what had transpired between the both of us a few minutes ago.
  • “I see you’re playing the silent treatment with me,” he said as he helped me into bed. I laid in with a grunt. “You’re hurt. Stay down while I get the first aid…”
  • The door immediately opened with the nurse getting the kit into the room. He opened the kit to get out the things he would use to heal me up.
  • “Now this is going to hurt,” he said as he got out a cotton ball to dip in a bottle of spirit which he overturned. “Stay still.”
  • He dabbed the ball over my wounds which stung but not as much as I was hurting from what my sister had done to me. I wished I was strong enough to cause her the damage she was causing to me.
  • The strong smell of the liquid hit my nose as I turned away from what he was doing to me. I hated hospitals and this was the reason why. It smelled of everything one would usually see in hospitals.
  • The drugs, the alcoholic stench of spirits, the syringes and balls of cotton, the tapes, the drips and whatnot. I hated everything about it.
  • He dropped the ball into a trash can close to the toilet as he tore out another ball to clean out the blood from my face. I winced at the pain which came from the ball scraping against an open wound.
  • “That hurts,” I grunted as he scoffed.
  • “You should have thought about that before deciding to turn into a boxer.”
  • His reply was direct and really disturbing and I could do nothing but wish I could stop him from talking about the fight.
  • “Tell me why you would do something so stupid,” Taevon went on to say, dropping the used cotton ball in the trash can as I looked away from him. “I need answers before I leave you out here bleeding.”
  • “I thought you were only supposed to heal the body. Do you heal the mind too?”
  • “I’m not your therapist.”
  • “You might as well be if you keep on asking me questions that does not suit your job description.”
  • “And what does my job description entail?” he asked, taking his head back. “I’d love to hear you tell me about my job.”
  • “It entails a lot from what I can see.” I did not want to be rude to him but he was getting on my nerves by asking me questions that even I was having trouble getting the answers to.
  • “Look at your hand,” he pointed to my hand which was still bleeding. “Just because you wanted to get into a fight with your sister, you ripped off the IV infused in you. Now you’ve got blood all over my hospital floor.
  • “You’ve got to be wise about these things. You even got into a fight with your sister. For fuck sake you just woke up from a coma. Do you even know what could have happened if she had hit you across your head?
  • “Maybe that would be more lights out for you and you would wake up five years from now thinking of how you woke up and found out that all the stars in the sky had died out.”
  • “It’s not funny,” I retorted.
  • “I never said it was but right now your stupid idea is making me wonder if you might have suffered a brain injury when you had your accident and was admitted.”
  • I looked away from him to stare at the window. At least it was not judging my actions and it was not on my case.