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Chapter 3

  • I stared at her and shook my head. I picked another color that I thought would be too bright for her but since that was what she wanted then I'll apply it to her.
  • "Do not waste my time, do that fast and polish my shoes" she sneered, glaring at me.
  • I simply nodded and started polishing her nails as fast and neat as I could.
  • Few minutes in, the door opened and Anna, the last daughter of the Luna walked into the room smiling widely but immediately her eyes met with mine, her smiles vanished and was replaced with a scowl.
  • "Why are you mopping at me, do you want to bewitch me or haven't you seen a beautiful lady in your life before?" She snickered and I simply lowered my head not wanting to say a word to her not like I have anything to say unless I want to be punished.
  • "I want my hair fixed and my toenails too and I think mother also wants hers fixed so you better be fast about that because we have somewhere to go" Anna said fixing her gaze at me.
  • "Ok, I'll be fast" I muttered quietly and she rolled her eyes going straight to her sister's closet.
  • Sometimes I wonder why I'm being treated like a rogue in my own father's house. Did I even say rogue? Even rogues are treater way better than I am.
  • Not a single person ever spoke nicely to me. It's always Zendaya do this, Zendaya do that, and lots of insultive names that make me feel worthless.
  • I'm not even allowed to say who I was to people outside the pack house because to every other werewolf who doesn't live in the packhouse, Alpha Rufus was a kind and generous Alpha who cares for everyone around him but never did they know I'm being subjected to great suffering by the same said kind man.
  • No one except the top pack members which are the Beta and Gamma with few of the top warriors who lived with us in the pack house knew I existed.
  • But they were meant to keep my existence as secret and I wasn't meant to expose which pack I'm from.
  • The alpha made sure he wiped off the pack scent from my body and no one would know what pack I'm from by sniffing me.
  • All these was because he was ashamed of me and wouldn't want anyone knowing he cheated on his Luna.
  • Even though I still bear his last name Roberto but the fact that my scent was hidden, no one would know I'm related to him.
  • I do not blame my mother for everything that happened because I knew she couldn't fight back.
  • She was just the daughter of a pack member whose rank was lower and was working in the packhouse.
  • When she got pregnant with me, the alpha lied to other wolves that she was a slut who was sleeping around and thus got pregnant so in order to punish her, he decided to keep her as a slave in the packhouse forever.
  • Her parents found out and out of pain, they disowned her without trying to find out what actually happened from her. Her mate also rejected her, leaving her all alone.
  • When most of the pack members found out I bear Roberto as my last name, the Alpha further lied to them, saying he was doing me a favor to bear his last name since I have an unknown father.
  • They all called him kind and generous until the Luna found out I'm actually his daughter but instead of saying out the truth, they all concealed it and that was the beginning of my suffering.
  • if only my mother wasn't beautiful and serving the Luna, Alpha Rufus wouldn't have forced himself on her.
  • My mother is the only person I'm living for, if not for her I would have taken my life a long time ago but if I do such a thing then how would she survive living in this pack and doing everything alone.
  • "Sis are these the clothes you shopped yesterday with Madison?" Anna asked pouting her little lips as she started bringing out tons of shopping bags filled with accessories from the closet and emptying them on the bed.
  • "Yeah, father took us out for shopping, you weren't around but do not worry because I picked some for you," Maya said and pointed at a few bags which were filled to the brim with fashion accessories.e
  • Oh, you picked all these for me? Awww you are such a darling sister and I love you so much" Anna smiled and gave Maya a one-sided hug while carrying the bags on the other side.
  • I stare at them, fighting back the tears that are threatening to pour and expose me. I also desire to be loved, to be considered a person and their sister but I do not think any of that would ever be possible.
  • The nail polish I was holding mistakenly fell and emptied on the floor.
  • "What the hell!!!" Maya yelled as her palm collided with my face in a thunderous slap which turned my head to the side.
  • Before I could get over the shock of Maya's slap, Anna also landed hers more resounding than Maya's.
  • "I'm sorry please, I didn't mean to- it slipped from my hand" I uttered, tears tricking down my face down to my cloth and into my chest.
  • "You must be very stupid, do you know how much this nail polish cost? Can you and your useless mother afford it? How dare you waste mine?" She growled raising her hands to hit me again.
  • "I'm sorry" I grieved making Anna roll her eyes. You do not need to be sorry because your stupid sorry would not replace the Polish so you better get it at the back of your mind that you would replace it" she said and focused back on examining her clothes.