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Chapter 9

  • LIAM
  • Sloane doesn’t bother putting her suit back on, and I’m certainly not complaining. She’s leaning back on her forearms, eyes closed, head tilted to the sky with her tits on perfect, mouthwatering display, legs casually open, giving me a beautiful view of her bald little pussy. God, she’s so fucking gorgeous.
  • The taste of that delicious pussy is still in my mouth, and I’m surprised I haven’t passed out from loss of blood to the brain because my cock is harder than it’s ever been, and there’s no way in fuck it’s going down until I empty my load inside her. I’d almost blown it when she’d told me everything she’d thought of. I can’t believe she wants everything that I want. I don’t know how in the hell I’m going to explain this to Jerry, but I shove that thought aside because as soon as I can I’m making his daughter officially mine. He’ll just have to learn to accept it.
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