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Chapter 87 Making A Good Start

  • At exact five in the afternoon, Vincent left the office. He didn't know but he was excited to go home. Until now he couldn't forget the burning sensation that happened between them in his own office.
  • He suddenly remembered to pick her up from her work. He unblocked and searched her number from his phonebook and called her at once. After a long ring, the call finally connected.
  • "Hello!" Marielle coldly answered on the other line. She was still in Enchanted Forest fixing a lot of documents when her phone rang. Because she was swamped with work, she didn't really look at the receiver's ID.
  • "It's me. Are you in Lee Group now? I'm coming to pick you up!" Vincent uttered. His voice was perplexed but gentle.
  • "I'm at Enchanted Forest. I will go home later," Marielle shortly replied. "You can go home first!" After that she hung up without letting the person on the other line to speak.
  • Vincent's face suddenly turned dim. Instead of following her suggestion, he took his coat on the rack and went straight to his private lift.
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