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Chapter 86 Marielle Had Come To Her Turning Point

  • In Vincent’s villa...
  • Marielle left the house early as usual. She went straight to Enchanted Forest to manage the amusement park. She was new in this kind job so her uncle Winston guided her on how to run a business. It was not long when she had learned the pros and cons of becoming a member of the corporate world.
  • When she was an actress and singer, she was used to dealing with people. All she had to do was to show her talent and her kindness to everyone. But it's too different in managing a big and profitable amusement park. She had to use all of her energy and strenght to talk for just one deal. Her brain was always drained every time she got home.
  • While looking around the different rides, she came to take a glimpse of the towering hotel beside their park. "Blue Ocean!" she whispered. The name was totally appropriate for the location and for the landmark nearby. Imagine an enchanted forest near the blue ocean situated in the mountainside. And the hotel structure was like a castle that was cropped from a fairytale book.
  • What admired her the most was most of the people coming to the themed park usually stayed in the hotel for days. It was very convenient indeed. The tourists and the families didn't need to come back and forth anymore. They had just needed to walk for about fiften minutes to visit the park again.
  • Because of pondering everything, she suddenly remembered her husband, Vincent whom she had not seen for four days now since the celebration of their wedding. The latter kept on calling her but since that night, she ignored all of his calls. Although he managed to come before dinner, she was the one keeping a distance. She swamped herself from work. Till Vincent had it enough, that he stopped calling her and even blocked her on his lists.
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