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Chapter 7

  • Daphne stares at the omega, strangely she feels so attached to the pack, The wall build around her was like a great feeling of acceptance and domination. She felt drawn to the pack suddenly and she wonder why she is drawn to a strange pack. The omegas stare at her strangely before they allow her to cross the border. She felt a spark and a great wave pushes her over to the pack as her head banged continuously. She felt an intense pain in her head as her whole body vibrate .great wind blew so rapidly as the thunder struck so loudly .she could not understand what was going on and the transformation that was taking place right now.
  • Daphne shakes vigorously, her eyes filled with the pain while the thunders continue. the omegas stare at her as they all wonder what is going on right now. They try to move close to her but the heat and the intense feeling coming from her made them shift backward, each scared of what might have happened to her.
  • Daphne suddenly started hearing a strange voice in her head. She held onto her head as she try to withstand the pain by all means.
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