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Chapter 19 Rent a Land

  • After discussing it with Bradley, Craig prepared some gifts and the both of them left for the village chief’s house. The village chief stayed at the edge of the village, and from their house they had to pass through the middle of the village to reach their destination.
  • As Bradley walked through the village, he realized the villagers were all gazing at him with great respect. Mrs. Lennon, the village’s matchmaker, went up to Bradley and grasped his hand excitedly the minute she saw him. “Brad, I never would have thought that you picked up a few things throughout the few years behind bars. What a blessing in disguise!”
  • Bradley knew that Mrs. Lennon was the most eloquent person in the village, and she valued money more than anything else. She must be up to no good to initiate a conversation with him. Nevertheless, Bradley did not dare to offend her, or else the rumors in the village would drive him crazy. “They’re really not a big deal and aren’t worth mentioning.”
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