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Chapter 242 A Rude Man

  • With a grim expression, Lance growled, “How dare you slap me! Do you know who I am? It seems that you’re in desperate need of a lesson!” As he was speaking, he covered his swollen face and charged at Bradley.
  • Dave immediately pulled Bradley away and put on a flattering smile. “Mr. Jewell, since we’re all friends, don’t aggravate this dispute. We can settle this—”
  • “F*ck off. Can’t you see I’m teaching this bumpkin a lesson? Do you know who’s the most powerful person in Riverdale?”
  • Before Dave could finish his words, he was slapped by Lance forcefully in the face, which caused him to stagger backward and crash into Bradley.
  • He knew that Lance was a ruthless man, so he was just trying to be a mediator and make sure Bradley wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. Although he understood that Bradley was a capable man himself, Lance was a powerful man in Riverdale, and he had the support of a rich father. Therefore, both the police and the thugs were afraid of him.
  • Displeased with Lance’s action, Bradley growled with a ferocious expression, “If you’re a real man, we’ll have a one-on-one outside!”
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