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Chapter 9 Mr Gong Is Waiting For You

  • It was an acquisition agreement. Huiteng Group had acquired the Qiao family's Yong'an Group two days ago.
  • Qiao Yuqi saw the words “Qiao Weiguo” on the document and recalled her father's words when she was back at the Qiao's.
  • “Yuqi, it'll be for the last time. I'll get you home once the Qiao Family tide through this crisis!”
  • How ironic!
  • The pages behind were the papers for the sale of Yong'an Group.
  • “You don't know this yet, do you? The plan to improve the townscape of Rong City is underway. The government is looking for a place to set up a refuse transfer station. Yong'an seems like a good location for it. The moment I pushed for it...” Mo Jingwen harped on smugly; his words were unpleasant to Qiao Yuqi's ears.
  • Slap! Qiao Yuqi gave Mo Jingwen a tight slap.
  • “Mo Jingwen, you rogue!”
  • Mo Jingwen licked the blood off the corners of his mouth. “Don't think I'm saving you from disgrace just because I decided not to hit you today. If you screw up the proposal tomorrow, you'll see how Yong'an turns into a refuse dump!”
  • “I'll do it!” Qiao Yuqi took the proposal in a huff. “But I have a condition. If I manage to succeed, you'll return Yong'an to me!”
  • “Return you? Qiao Yuqi, aren't you naive? Do you know how much I spent on this mess? 80 million!”
  • “Alright, 80 million it is!” Qiao Yuqi spoke through gritted teeth.
  • At her words, Mo Jingwen glanced at her in despise, “We'll talk about it when you have the money.”
  • Before Qiao Yuqi married Mo Jingwen, she graduated from a reputable university with a degree in management. She had even spent a few years working at Yong'an. Thus, she was familiar with proposals. She got the gist once she set her heart to it.
  • Seeing that, Mo Jingwen drove off.
  • ...
  • The next morning, outside Yuandong Group.
  • Zhuang Chen had gotten news of their arrival just as Mo Jingwen and Qiao Yuqi stepped into the company.
  • He pushed open Gong Hao's door and said softly, “Boss, they're here.”
  • “Mm.” Gong Hao slipped one hand into his pocket and walked towards the French window. The sky was blue and vast, dotted with white clouds.
  • The weather was nice.
  • Mo Jingwen cautioned Qiao Yuqi as she got out of the car. “Yong'an's future lies on you!”
  • Qiao Yuqi threw him a sideway glance and got out the car.
  • After she reported her name and purpose of the visit, the receptionist instructed her to head to the top floor. Qiao Yuqi stood in the elevator and watched the floor numbers jump. She felt helpless nd impotent.
  • Ding! She had reached the top floor.
  • Qiao Yuqi held the documents in her hands tight and walked out of the elevator.
  • Zhuang Chen was waiting outside. He spotted her approaching and said politely, “My boss is waiting for you in his office. Follow me.”
  • “Is there anyone else?” Qiao Yuqi asked subconsciously.
  • Zhuang Chen was surprised, “Mm?”
  • “I mean... We're going to discuss the proposal for the bid. Aren't there gonna be people from the relevant departments making the decision together?”
  • It sounded like a joke to Zhuang Chen.
  • “No, it all depends on Mr. Gong. He has the final say on all projects.”
  • Qiao Yuqi laughed bitterly, “Right. How silly I am.”
  • “Ms. Qiao, please.”
  • Zhuang Chen led the way through the corridor. He stopped in front of a door and knocked at it. He turned around and said to Qiao Yuqi, “Ms. Qiao, please head in.”