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Chapter 4 Luck And Misfortune Always Go Hand In Hand

  • In the Mo’s residence.
  • It was dark when Qiao Yuqi returned.
  • Wang Shulan and Mo Jingwen were having their dinner as she passed by the living hall. At the sight of Qiao Yuqi, Wang Shulan tossed her chopsticks away, “How revolting! I lost my appetite.”
  • However, Qiao Yuqi ignored her and continued ahead.
  • “Stop there!” Mo Jingwen suddenly ordered.
  • Qiao Yuqi turned to look at him. Then, Mo Jingwen scoffed and pointed to the floor. He sounded as if he was instructing a dog, “Kneel, and crawl to me.”
  • She pursed her lips and looked down. Her expressions couldn't be fathomed.
  • “Why? You're unwilling?”
  • Qiao Yuqi stood there without moving and paid no heed to Mo Jingwen, as if he was transparent.
  • Her attitude angered Mo Jingwen. Then, he strode towards her and grabbed her chin, so that her eyes met his.
  • “Qiao Yuqi, don't act all high and mighty in front of me. Your family has gone down in the world, and I'm doing you a great favor by marrying you. And did I not treat you well? I gave you ten thousand a month for allowance so that you needn't go out to work. All you have to do was cook for my mom. How have we wronged you? How dare you cheat on me?”
  • Hah! Qiao Yuqi scorned, “You call that being good to me? Why don't you hire a servant instead? A servant's at least entitled to her own rights and is able to take control over her own life. But what about me? I have nothing! If you think this life is good, why don't you experience it or yourself? I'll give you ten thousand a month and I'll just ask for you to take care of our three meals. What do you say?”
  • Slap! Mo Jingwen’s palm went right across her cheeks.
  • Qiao Yuqi retaliated subconsciously, but was held back by Mo Jingwen.
  • “Do you have a death wish? Do you not know how that useless Dad of yours came to beg me today? He begged me not to divorce you, to forgive you! He even knelt down before me! You wish to hit me? Go ahead! And I'll send someone to wreck your family business. That'll teach you to be arrogant!”
  • She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Finally, she saw for herself what a jerk this person was.
  • Seeing as she remained still, Mo Jingwen released her hand in content and patted her cheek. “That's a good girl. It should have been this way from the start. You should thank your prayers for having a good father. If he hadn't gone on his knees to beg me, I wouldn't have forgiven you this easily. You'd better behave from now. Otherwise, don't blame me for being heartless.”
  • That said, Mo Jingwen turned to the servant next to him, “Keep a close eye on her. If she ever fools around again, you'll answer for it!”
  • “Understood!”
  • Qiao Yuqi stood in the living hall, and she felt cold all over.
  • The sound of quarrel ensued upstairs.
  • “Why are keeping that whore at home? Why not divorce her?”
  • Mo Jingwen's rogue voice sounded, “Why would I divorce her? Don't you know that Qiao Yuqi's the top beauty in Rong City? So many people are envious of me! I've married a beauty, yet I can still fool around outside. I have the best of both worlds! Never am I going to divorce her...”
  • Qiao Yuqi laughed bitterly. Rong City's top beauty? She once thought her good looks were a gift from heaven.
  • But luck and misfortune always go hand in hand.