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Chapter 12 Condition

  • Qiao Yuqi was locked up for three days, and besides a mouth of water, she'd never seen a grain of rice.
  • And on the third night, she was so hungry that she could hardly breathe.
  • Just then, the door opened from the outside. It was Qiao Wenyu.
  • Looking at Qiao Yuqi's haggard appearance, she couldn't hold back her laughter, “Yuqi, I heard from brother-in-law that you wanted a divorce. I didn't know you'll make such a huge fuss about it.”
  • “What are you doing here?” Qiao Yuqi clenched her teeth.
  • “You think I wanna come? Dad told me to come over and persuade you after hearing about your affairs.
  • “Persuade her, again? Didn't you guys sell Yong'an Group already? Why? Do you still need me as a steppingstone?”
  • “Well, you can't just say that, but with a good son-in-law, we and dad can live a more comfortable life, no?”
  • Qiao Yuqi finally learned that Qiao Wenyu did not come to persuade her at all, but to see her as a laughingstock. “If there's nothing else you wish to say, get lost!” she snarled.
  • “Come on, don't be like that! Yuqi!” Qiao Wenyu's expression was disingenuous. “Deep down, I agree with you. What's the point of staying together if there's no affection between you and brother-in-law? So, you've got to hang in there...”
  • “What are you yapping about in front of your sister, Wenyu?” Mo Jingwen voice sounded from behind.
  • Qiao Wenyu's expression changed within a second, putting away her sinister and malicious side. “Jingwen,” she greeted, smiling innocently. “My sister is too stubborn, so I was just trying to persuade her!”
  • Mo Jingwen sighed helplessly, “If only your sister is as sensible as you.”
  • Qiao Wenyu stole a greedy glance at Mo Jingwen and said, “You're so nice. I'm sure she'll understand.”
  • “Mm!” Mo Jingwen nodded half-heartedly. “Why don't you go home first? I need to speak with your sister.”
  • Qiao Wenyu looked daggers at Qiao Yuqi before turning away unwillingly. “Alright, I'll make a move.”
  • Qiao Yuqi snorted inwardly at the scene before her. Only a shallow woman like Qiao Wenyu would fall for a jerk like Mo Jingwen, perfect match indeed!
  • As the door shut again, Mo Jingwen helped Qiao Yuqi up to her feet. “Qiao Yuqi, do you really wanna divorce me so bad?”
  • Qiao Yuqi ignored him. Wasn't it obvious through her actions?
  • “Fine!” Mo Jingwen paused. “I can promise you a divorce. But you know, our company is not doing well, and the case with Yuandong Group wasn't successful. Do you think you can walk away that easily?”
  • Qiao Yuqi gritted her teeth and demanded, “What do you want?”
  • Mo Jingwen was stilled for a while before replying, “I'll give you a way out, and, it's the only way out. That is, I'll let you out and give you a job. I'll let you go if you make up for the loss we have incurred.”
  • “What do you mean by make up for the loss? You have to give me a number?” The number of hardships she had went through made her smarter not to believe in Mo Jingwen easily.
  • “Not much, just a few tens of millions. You just have to negotiate a few big deals for me and you'll returned, isn't it?”
  • “I want to sign a written pledge!” said Qiao Yuqi.
  • “Sure!” Mo Jingwen cooperated surprisingly. He rose and went over to the study table, found a paper and wrote a pledge, which was then handed over to Qiao Yuqi. “Here, how is it?”
  • Qiao Yuqi read through twice to make sure there were no problems before she finally signed it.
  • “When do I start to work?”
  • “Tomorrow morning.”