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Till the Day I Fell in Love

Till the Day I Fell in Love

Iris Gardner

Last update: 2023-10-25

Chapter 1 Revenge

  • Qiao Yuqi fought back the terrible wave of nausea as she turned off the surveillance monitor.
  • That was her husband. Though they had been married for three years, he had not touched her once. Instead, he spent his time out on the tiles, indulging in sensual pleasures of the outside world.
  • There was a racket at the door. Her mother-in-law, Wang Shulan, was kicking up a fuss. “What are you doing hiding in the room? Are you trying to rebel now that Jingwen's not at home? You've been married for three years, yet you haven't bore him a child. How useless! Aren't you going to start cooking now? Trying to starve me to death?”
  • Heh, it takes two to tango. I'm no single-celled organism; I can't reproduce on my own.
  • Qiao Yuqi fought back the nausea and headed out to the kitchen.
  • Such was her life as a housemaker. She had given up her career - everything - when she married into the Mo family. She thought she'd win Mo Jingwen's heart as long as she worked hard. However, it seemed like all she had gotten after giving everything up was the family's aversion towards her.
  • She felt horrible, but no one would care for her feelings.
  • “Qiao Yuqi, have you gone mad? I told you to cook, and you're adding blood to the dishes to disgust me?” Wang Shulan barked at her.
  • Qiao Yuqi realized she had cut her fingers, but she did not feel any pain.
  • The crimson blood and her mother-in-law's dreadful attitude roused the rebel in her.
  • Late into the night.
  • Qiao Yuqi trod along the narrow and dirty street. Her face was expressionless, but deep down she felt the exhilaration of freedom.
  • She had come to the slum area of Rong City; the area was in ruins as it was under development.
  • Because of that, it was also, where beggars and drunkards gathered. Since the Mo family despised her, yet unwilling to let her get a divorce, she decided to appall them this time.
  • She'd choose the dirtiest and ugliest man tonight to take her revenge on the Mo family.
  • “Mm...”
  • A weird sound ensued from a corner. But Qiao Yuqi plucked up her courage and headed towards it.
  • Right then, she saw a man lying under the dim yellow streetlamp. His clothes were soaked in blood, as was his face.
  • Serious fights often happened in this area, so she assumed that he must be one of the hooligans.
  • Qiao Yuqi clenched her teeth and unbuttoned his shirt. She could feel her heart pounding as she loosened the buttons one by one.
  • The man's chest was revealed, the cold, bare skin brushed Qiao Yuqi's skin, sending shivers down her spine.
  • As she got to the last button, a weak voice chided, “What are you doing?”
  • Qiao Yuqi shook in surprise. The man opened his eyes and glared at her. His gaze was so penetrating that Qiao Yuqi had the urge to run away right then. However, at the thought of the Mo family's horrid ways, she resisted the urge.
  • “What do you think?” She loosened the last button with her delicate hands and slipped them in on his chest.
  • The man tensed up at her brazen actions. However, Qiao Yuqi continued to remove his shirt and leaned on him.
  • Her smell was so alluring that the man could no longer stand her clumsiness. Then, he sprung up, “Woman, you're asking for it.”
  • At that moment, a tear fell from the corners of Qiao Yuqi's eyes. The man, who had gotten aroused, stopped what he was doing.
  • He kissed her tear away and held her hands patiently.