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Chapter 256 Moment of Truth

  • The sound of Toby’s footsteps sounded as if he was stepping on Tina’s contracting heart, filling it with fear and panicking her. At the same time, she subconsciously stepped back, her lips trembling in silence.
  • Seeing her reaction, Toby couldn’t help but feel disgusted with it. “What’s wrong? The cat got your tongue? Let me answer the question for you. That’s because you never lived in Marina City; you never kept a pet dog, and neither did you ever have a stepmother and sister. So, tell me now. Do you still insist that you are Maple?”
  • At that moment, a loud thump was heard when Tina collapsed onto the ground with a blank gaze on her face. In the meantime, Toby only fixed his eyes on her, immediately knowing what her gesture meant because she could no longer cover up her wrongdoings.
  • “Tina!” Julia quickly came closer to her daughter and hugged her, placing her hands on her shoulders. “Are you alright, Tina?”
  • Nevertheless, Tina only puckered her lips, wanting to say something, only to swallow her own words eventually. Feeling helpless and panicked, Julia turned to Toby and asked, “What was it that you were telling Tina, Toby? What’s all that about posing as Sonia and Maple? I don’t understand a single thing about that matter at all.”
  • Without looking at the woman, Toby kept his eyes on Tina and replied to Julia, saying, “Your beloved daughter posed as the person whom I had always thought to be the woman of my life and enjoyed what was not rightfully hers for six years.”
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