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Chapter 2

  • The game is easy according to that player which he guessed was a girl —and the goddamn annoying type of them since he was showered with weird emoticons in their chat box—but that wasn’t the issue—the game is,
  • It has a lot of tricky questions about this and that which is—his game forte, he liked playing tricky puzzles where he would wrack his not-so-useful brain into it.
  • Not that he's smart or anything, its just his forte and the kind of games that he likes. Mind you, he’s a puzzle addict since he’s on elementary—reason is he had a goddamn genius complexity. He stared bitterly on his personal profile and there was a gloomy ticket pass that he doesn’t even know what use it was for.
  • “Oh the shop”
  • He stared at the ticket pass for the library in his inventory—which he obtained from the trade section of the game store. It can only be used once. He was going to use it earlier when he got there but luckily he bumped into the character who have an access to it anytime and asked. He also got lucky because he exchanged a lot of information with her.
  • After a few seconds, he saw an NPC approaching with a stack of paper works in their hands. He offered some help and it gladly accepted it. When they put them in the table a dialogue popped up on top of its head.
  • “Hey, did you know, that player accused President being the demon? Now they made me fix all this paperwork because I told her about the issue with Mr. Hawkins’ students. I just told her they’re not allowed in the library!”
  • There goes the monologue and the downside of the game. He said on his mind and skipped it.
  • After a while, the NPC slammed the table then it suddenly stared at him and asked “Hey don’t you want to ask me something? I can tell you about the council as a thanks for helping me!” It grinned at him followed by a choices lined up in the screen.
  • Yenn clicked a choice button “Then can I ask a favor, if you don’t mind?”
  • It looked at him perplexed, then it smiled afterwards. “Of course, of course, what can I do for you?” Yenn pressed the button containing “I want to talk to the Student Council President”.
  • The NPC laughed loudly, showing large letters of ‘hahaha’ on top of its head. The typicality of RPG games made his expression sour. At least put some sound effects. It’s creepy to read 'hahaha' silently you know. Again with the gruesome rants on his head. He skipped everything and finally the end of the boring dialogue popped up.
  • “Alright I’ll ask him he’s free after class for about an hour you can talk to him then! He’ll be here in the library!”
  • They said goodbyes and Yenn walked out of the library, his business was finished there. After class, he walked over the library then he used his ticket pass he saw the president reading a book, he was sitting in the back corner of the library as he was flipping through the pages surrounded with a gloomy air around him, he’s visibly depressed.
  • “I’m more depressed Sir. This game is taking too long, you know.” He humped and leaned lazily on the headboard of his bed. He tapped the dialogue box again and skipped everything else as the 'finale' came waving to his screen.
  • “It’s his fault! That scum doesn’t care, he’s not even moved without money! He never left his office to check his students! He simply doesn’t care, Dang it!” Claude slammed the table then stormed off the library.
  • Yenn think deeply after analyzing the information he got in his dialogue tab. He pressed the system questionnaires and answered every bit of them then the screen was now filled with confetti and balloons and some dancing hamsters in the lower part of the screen. The game announced the completion of the story then reward some players as the screen black out only seeing three loading dots in the center of his screen then it went back to the menu.
  • “Finally, and why the fuck did I even go through all those scenes when I could just blindly guess the answers and hit a jackpot? Damn. I was totally tricked”
  • He sighed in dismay then he saw the world chat that was now actively telling about the new event and policy then he saw a very noticeable comment about the Creator, he browsed for more through the chat box and also became curious who the game creator was.
  • It was announced in the trial-run of the game that it has only one sole creator. The company was also anonymous that it caused a lot of suspicion but after the game was released worldwide it became a hot topic over the internet. There were also rumors that it was created by a billionaire!
  • After the game was launched 3 years ago, the players was only over a thousand but then it became famous and exceed over a billion of players around the world. He researched the game on the web also in some forums then he saw a news talking about the game he curiously clicked on it and watch.
  • “Arc of SHION” was an online RPG game based on a hundred million of novels but every storyline that was marked completed was automatically removed from the server to prevent cheating over players. The only Golden Rule of this overrated game was to meet the sole Creator of the game, a video stream to be watch offline was automatically deleted to the sites posted which is why after finishing Livestreams, nothing is shown anymore. Everyone who plays the game receive a black wrist strap that confirms the player existence and also serves the game User ID it is also the reason why every player in the game has no multiple accounts and non-player ID. Every player that wears the strap has a number which tells the current total number of players in the game. (If the user ID is number 4 means the current players are only four)
  • ‘Even hackers can’t get through the game. Which is entirely mystery.’
  • He shrugged his shoulders and continued to browse the chat box. Regardless of what bullshit the game is made of or even if it was a God or a otherworldly being—he simply don’t give a fuck. Companies like this were just a fucking show-off.
  • He browse for more and saw another news regarding the so called ‘Mysterious Game Arc of SHION revelation' even the headline sounds so cliché to him and simply watched it for another rant.
  • The company was revealed a year before the First Worldwide release. The private company was named GamerTilEnd Studio Inc. which released an announcement about making the game a virtual reality and that enthusiastically made the players worldwide increase, also they have an add-on event of 'Real Cash Reward' for the newbie players which is an aim to help the poor players and that particular article irritated him to the max.
  • “What a goddamn bragger. I knew it. This is a fucking scam, if I didn’t get a single penny I’ll fucking sue that company.”