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The Sweet Sin. His Best Friend's Sister

The Sweet Sin. His Best Friend's Sister

Author Judith Rhina

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 The Bar Talk

  • Colten Gunn's POV
  • There are only two things in this fucked up world that I live for; motorcycles and women.
  • I love riding them. Everything about women and bikes are the same; They like to be eased into the stroke then man handled around tight corners. To be pushed to their max until they're red lining and screaming for me to let off the gas. Feeling them vibrate beneath me as I control them with my body. The purr they make when I push my chest into them to go faster.
  • "Colt." Hudson pushed a pool cue into my side. His gruff voice only co-existing with his braided beard and leather jacket. "You're up."
  • I placed my beer down and simmered my raging thoughts that seemed to only be creating a problem in my pants tonight. My tattooed knuckles wrapped around the stick as I bent over in my tight fitted jeans to line up my shot.
  • "What's up with you tonight? You seem out of it." Hudson asked but he didn't really care. He was more concerned that I wasn't interested in the game of pool he'd been going on about at work all day today.
  • "It's been weeks since I've been laid." I huffed as I drove the cue into the center of the white ball, causing it to bounce into the side of the table, missing every target.
  • Hudson let out a deep, short chuckle with a shake of his head, causing his braided chin to bounce with him. "There's women all over the place and you're having problems?"
  • I rolled my eyes before looking around the bar. Sure, there were women here. Sexy ones at that. But they're all locals, most of them I've fucked already - more than once. I know every little secret about them, which is a perk and downside to living in a small town. The excitement isn't there anymore. The thrill of fucking a stranger senseless, hearing them moan my name like it's the first time they've tasted anything like me.
  • "It's like eating the same meal every night. Tired of it."
  • He laughed again, "A fucks a fuck, man. Stop being a picky bastard."
  • The beer I had been drinking was empty, already and the drive to end this godforsaken game of balls was killing me. "Want another?" I asked for any excuse to walk away.
  • Hudson gave me a nod before going back to his precious grassed table.
  • I watched as he rolled his thumb over the top with a gleaming smile. I swear he enjoyed stroking that pool cue way too much.
  • My eyes drifted to the bar, searching for the usual bartender but only landing on a woman that made my pants tighten.
  • Fuck, she looked sexy from the back. Her ass claded in tight leather pants that caressed the stool beneath her ass like a throne. Her bare back was divine, showing off her soft light skin that begged for the attention of my fingers prints. She adjusted herself slightly, picking up her glass. Her shoulder blade shifted, exposing the thin fabric that was only held up by a simple tie of a string that loosely covered her breasts
  • One pluck and she'd be topless.
  • I had to have known her. I know everyone that comes in here.
  • My hand reached for the stool to guide me to sit beside her. Only for her six inch heel to drive into the cushion abruptly, pushing the seat further down the counter with a squeal.
  • I stood in awe, keeping my face emotionless except for a raise of a brow.
  • She turned to me slowly, provocatively, letting her shirt slid to her front and expose the side of her perky breasts. She pushed her blonde hair that waved down her chest to her back. Her plump lips were pursed, as her hazel eyes glared at me.
  • "Seats taken." Her voice soft and gentle but carried a tone of authority and demand. One I could picture screaming my name in the bar bathroom with a bit of gruff after a few rounds of me fucking her.
  • I looked to her long leg that still sat on the bar stool in an extended L shape, taking in the tight leather that clung to her skin.
  • My face relaxed as I leaned over that sexy leg, placing my elbows on the counter right beside her.
  • "By who?" I challenged her.
  • Her plump pink lips curled slightly upwards, "By the man who buys me a drink." Her manicured nails gripped the sides of her glass as she wagged it in the air before taking the last gulp of her liquid.
  • Lucy, the bartender came around. Her attire of a deep v neck tight shirt, usually turns me on, but not tonight.
  • I had a sphinx beside me that was playing a game I was more interested in. A better game than Hudson wrapped me into, still one where my stick would be driven into her center.
  • "Lucy, two of whatever the sexy lady is having." I peered over to the woman, expecting a name or anything. But all I got in return with a push of a glass from Lucy.
  • The woman receded her leg, crossing them at her ankles as she leaned back into the counter.
  • Whiskey on the rocks.
  • A man's drink.
  • So many things could be said about a woman drinking bourbon; she's rough around the edges and could hold her liquor. Other than that, she was still a mystery to me. One I planned to wrap around my waist later.
  • The woman relaxed in her seat as she pulled a pack of cigarettes from her pocket. Sticking one between that plump mouth that I wanted all over me.
  • All I could do was watch as she nodded to Lucy who came over with a lighter in her hand. Lucy smirked to me, knowing my every intention. Her silent message giving me the green light to make my move, that this woman was of age and ready to fuck.
  • The woman inhaled deeply after Lucy lit the thin stick. Her index and middle finger tugged at the cigarette, pulling it out of her lips with a puff of smoke.
  • "Want one?" She asked.
  • I shrugged. I was about to motion Lucy back for the lighter when the woman shook her head. She guided a cigarette to my mouth, lingering her nails to my lips as she did so.
  • Her cool skin, from holding her cold drink, sent a subtle shake down my spine and straight to my pants.
  • She leaned in and touched her cherry to light the cigarette that rested in my mouth. Her eyes trained downwards, focusing on her task. Her thick lashes batting with each blink. Her face inches from mine, giving me a preview into the loose top she wore.
  • I imagined her further down my body, peering up from her knees with my cock in her mouth and audibly gulped.
  • She dared to look up into my desired filled eyes with a smirk.
  • Fuck, she's hot.
  • She pulled away slowly, putting her drink back in her hand. "I'm Lee."
  • I took her in. She didn't look like a Lee. I was thinking an Ashley or Rebecca. Her pale skin and wide eyes told me she was lying.
  • But I was fine with that.
  • "Colt." I gave her a nod as I sat the stool, taking a swig of the harsh liquor Lee had ordered.
  • "So, Colt. What's a girl got to do to have some fun around here?" She asked playfully, a hidden innuendo in her words that pulled at my hardening cock.
  • "What kind of fun are you looking for?" I eyed her intently, watching her lips seductively wrap around the rim of her drink as she took another sip.
  • Her eyes were trained ahead at the bottles of liquor that lined the shelves on the wall. Her hand toyed with her glass, shaking it slightly so the ice shifted and clinked with each movement. Every move calculated on her end to ensure my complete and utter attention. She was good at this. It was amusing to watch as she effortlessly wrapped me around her finger.
  • "One that involves you hearing me scream your name." She bluntly put with such a soft voice.
  • Fuck.
  • I take it back. She was a professional when it came to picking up men.
  • I'd never met a woman so straight forward. Usually I'd have to warm them up, ease into the conversation. But she was going full throttle into my jeans.
  • She placed her glass to the counter, earning a clank. "Unless, you aren't the man you look to be." She paused seeing my confusion show.
  • Normally I'm good at hiding my emotions, but she was making all the blood rush from my brain to my other head.
  • "Bad boy type. One who can please a girl." She explained dryly, turning her body to face mine. Her hands clapped to my knees, the ash from her cigarette raining to the ground. "I need someone rough tonight. Can you do that, Colt?"
  • "Oh, Angel, I can do so much more than that." I spoke low, picturing all the dirty things I was going do to her.