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The Perfect Husband

The Perfect Husband


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Arranged Marriage

  • "Don't you dare run away from here!"
  • Livy was surprised by the sharp and shrill voice of the middle-aged woman who was her own aunt. She looked back and found her aunt, Camile, catching her in the doorway of the house, then hurried over to her with angry steps.
  • Her suitcase was pulled and tossed haphazardly through the door and all its contents scattered. Livy, who was just about to run away from home due to her aunt's one-sided arranged marriage with an unknown man, couldn't help but be surprised. She knew that no matter how she fought the aunt, she would lose.
  • "Auntie, let me get out of here." Livy followed her aunt and looked at her clothes bag sadly. "I don't want to marry!"
  • Camile's face swelled with anger. "You child who doesn't know how to profit! How much longer are you going to be a parasite in this family, huh? Can't you make your aunt happy just once?"
  • Parasite?
  • Before Livy could digest the harsh words, her aunt exploded again, "This is good for you! I arranged this matchmaking because that rich family can help us financially! They can pay off the debt that your stupid uncle took! Two families have agreed, even your potential partner too. Why do you have to be so stubborn?"
  • "But, Auntie—"
  • "You know our family's finances are running low right now and we really need the money," Camile interrupted. "You think your school fees just come from the sky? Feeding you and drinking every day, where does the money come from? At least you have to lighten my load."
  • All of those words seemed to bring back the revenge that Livy had deliberately buried in her heart. Ten years ago, she came into her aunt's family, after the death of her parents in an accident. At first they were very kind and friendly, but without her knowing, it turned out that they secretly took all the accident compensation money belonging to her family and also took her father's pension with the excuse of sending her to school.
  • But it was all bullshit! No school! None of her father's expenses could be enjoyed by her at all! All those money were snatched away by this old rotten wolf! The inheritance disappeared like a thin smoke in the air.
  • How could Livy be able to endure all the injustices in this family? And now they even dared to match her one-sidedly?
  • "Auntie, have you forgotten that you took all the last money my father left with you? School? Living expenses? I work part time even to support myself. Where is my right to that money? Now you are saying that my father's money has been spent on my education? I can't even go to university because the money is gone!" Livy looked at her aunt in disbelief. This was the first time she had been able to vent her anger.
  • Camile's face immediately turned blue with anger.
  • "You still want to make excuses? Your father's money is not that much to support you for ten years! Moreover, to go to university! Don't dream it! Now that you are an adult, the ten years debt that I gave you should pay off in full!" Camile shouted no less loudly. "Listen to me, marriage will still happen even if you die. You will be happy to live with him and you can pay for your living expenses while living in this house."
  • "No, Auntie. I won't marry him! How can I marry someone I don't love?" said Livy insistently.
  • Camile snorted. "Love you say? This youngters talks about love only, can love make you full? You haven't met him yet, so you haven't seen what he's like. He is a handsome man who is rich, after you marry him, he may be fast or slow to die. You will not suffer. At least you will get some of their treasures in your hands. You understand?"
  • What? Dead?
  • Will her future husband be killed when they get married?
  • The suitcase was again pulled roughly from her hands, this time Camile took it to the room and threw it inside. She looked at Livy. "His family has been desperate to match the man, but no one accepts it because his body is so weak and could die at any time."
  • Livy, "..."
  • The woman continued, "I was just thinking, don't you two get along pretty well; a poor orphan and a dying man?"
  • Livy could no longer hear this. In addition to using her, her aunt even wanted to take advantage of someone else who will become her soul mate and intended to drain their wealth.
  • This woman was real devil.
  • "Look, we need this money so you're going to marry him and take care of him. No more arguing, Livy. The wedding will be a week from now, so you have plenty of time to spend with Arthur. I don't want to see you disrespecting him or being rude, do you get it? Now I want you to go to your room and call the good man and arrange a date with him for tomorrow."
  • Arthur? So his name is Arthur?
  • "Auntie, I can't and ..."
  • "You can't protest now. The marriage is arranged," Camile cut her off. Then hand over a piece of paper containing the phone number. "This is your future husband's phone number, call him and get acquainted with him."
  • Before Livy could protest again, Camile pushed her in and slammed the door, making the walls around her shake.
  • "This is not fair!"
  • Livy screamed into her pillow; she just managed to collect the fees for her own college, this should be a happy day. Just now she was about to get rid of the teenage years she hated so much, and run away from here, but now she knew she had to spend the rest of her life with a man she didn't know.
  • What's more, her future husband will die?
  • Livy found herself getting so angry that tears started to flow from her eyes. She was only twenty years old at the moment and two years after graduating she has to work part time in several places to collect her tuition fees. Now, not only is she in danger of failing for college, but she's even going to marry a man she doesn't know?
  • Wtf!
  • After Livy calmed down a bit, she took out her phone and dialed the number her aunt had recorded on a piece of paper. Considered the number for a while before finally sighing. Her aunt is a stubborn person, if she doesn't contact him then her aunt will, that's for sure.
  • Livy didn't want to make matters worse, other than obeying her aunt. Finally, she made the call. She didn't wait long until she heard a man answer the phone in a firm voice.
  • "Who's this?"
  • "Hm, I ..." Livy bit her lip. "Is this Arthur? I'm Livy. Um ... Livy Hayes."
  • The man was silent for a while before asking, "Is there something important you want to say to Mr. Finnegan? He can't take your calls at this time. I'll pass your message on to him, I'm his personal assistant."
  • Livy glanced at the clock on the wall and saw the short hand was at two.
  • "Sorry for calling at such a busy time. Maybe I'll call him later."
  • "Are you in the mood to discuss important business with Mr. Finnegan?"
  • Business?l
  • It's true, like television dramas, marriages that occur because of matchmaking are solely based on business. Rich families will look for women of high wealth status in order to carry on good offspring who will later inherit the rights of the company and produce the desired offspring.
  • However, Livy felt very strange. She doesn't come from a wealthy family today—just middle-class economy. After the death of her parents, the business her father built decades ago finally fell into the hands of her greedy aunt. It even went bankrupt before it could be managed for two years. All because her uncle, who was a gambler, only used her wealth as a detrimental investment of money.
  • In that bankruptcy, her aunt who was originally sweet and kind like a licking ant, changed her attitude drastically. It was as if the kindness she had done before had never existed in this world, and everything was inversely proportional to her past life. Not to mention that she has to face her two cousins ​​who are selfish and often get into trouble with her.
  • There was a light coughing sound that snapped Livy out of her own thoughts. Because the voice of the man opposite her sounded firm, Livy somehow felt a cold aura like real hostility from him.
  • "I want to meet Art—I mean Mr. Finnegan. My aunt gave me this number for an arranged marriage," Livy finally said.
  • "Oh." The man seemed to be aware of the situation and explained, "In that case, I will immediately arrange a meeting time. I will give you news, Miss Hayes."
  • Before turning off the phone, Livy stopped him, "Wait a minute. I want to ask, why did he accept an arranged marriage in this way? Doesn't he need to know my family background first?"
  • Her uncle and aunt were just greedy people who had lots of rotten business and debt everywhere. Over the course of ten years, they had almost moved house several times because of avoiding debt collectors. Just half a month ago, her uncle again stumbled into debt with huge interest, and threw the family into a tumble. Her two children who were in school had to be reprimanded by the school because they were in arrears and threatened to be expelled.
  • Which rich people want to freely marry their children into a family like this?
  • "The marriage has been arranged by the head of the family. Whatever their considerations are, it must be good for my boss." The assistant said in a calm tone.
  • "But this is the modern world and people who still think about matchmaking are ancient."
  • There was no answer from the other side, as if the man was deliberately not answering.
  • Livy wondered if the man named Arthur was really too desperate for a partner that he didn't refuse one bit. He was rich and handsome, if her aunt told the truth, Livy might get some of his inheritance.
  • However, she wasn't happy with that fact, she didn't want any wealth. Even if the wealth fell into her hands, she would not give it to her aunt so easily.
  • "Tomorrow's at five, there's an empty schedule. I've made arrangements. I'll message you the address."
  • "Ah?" Livy was dazed.
  • "Anything else? I have to get back to work," said the male assistant.
  • "No."
  • "Okay, don't be late for tomorrow, Miss Hayes."
  • The connection was cut off.
  • Livy looked at her phone in confusion. Just now she didn't feel like she was just talking about an appointment, but like an employee who was being given an assignment by her superiors.
  • What the hell is this?
  • ... to be continued ...