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Chapter 5 Like A Sister

  • Braxton’s POV
  • I am sitting in my office trying to get work done, but my thoughts keep wondering off. My wolf Blake won’t even talk to me right now. I know I shouldn’t be fooling around with Baylee, she isn’t my mate, but I just needed comfort and she was there.
  • Knock Knock
  • “Come in”
  • Tristan comes in and slumps into the sofa, he looks a little better than earlier today after the argument with Addy, but I can still see the pain across his face. I know the death of his father has been hard on him. It’s been hard on all of us.
  • My parents maybe the leaders of the pack, but his parents, they were the glue. Everyone loved his dad and mom; they were like second parents to me. I know when we lost his mom 5 years ago it was rough, but his dad helped pull him and Addy through. Now, it’s just him and Addy.
  • “I’m not going to ask how you are doing, because I know the answer by how shitty you look. You want to talk?”
  • “Which part? The part where I am trying to figure out how to grieve my father knowing that I will be stepping into his role without his guidance and dude, those are some big shoes to fill. I feel like I am set up for failure, like no matter what I do I won’t be able to be half the Beta he was. Or the part where I am now solely responsible for my little sister, and I have no idea what the fuck I am doing.”
  • I walk over to the couch and sit beside him while putting my hand on his shoulder. I can feel the grief rolling off him. He’s my best friend, and I hate seeing him like this, it breaks me.
  • “First off, you are going to be an amazing Beta because you are just as amazing as your father.”
  • He looks over at me with tears in his eyes.
  • “And we” as I motion between me and him. “We are both going to work together to continue to make sure that this pack is strong. You aren’t alone man. You never have been, never will be. Were Brothers for life.”
  • I hold out my fist for a bump, with a little smirk on my face. We came up with Were Brothers for life when we were kids along with our other best friend Aaron. So, I knew it would get a smile out of him.
  • “Thanks Man.” He chuckles as he bumps my fist. “You are corny as hell you know that?” he shakes his head at me, while I chuckle at him
  • “It made you smile though right and got my message across. So, win win.” I chuckle. He shakes his head at me while I get up and walk back over to my desk.
  • I know he went to check on Addy again after his run, so I couldn’t help but ask.
  • “How is Addy doing?” I ask, as I sit down.
  • “Acting like this is just any other day and is going about her day like nothing happening. She won’t grieve or acknowledge what has happened. I haven’t seen her cry once, and we don’t talk about it. She distracts anytime I bring it up. I am just waiting for her to crack and have a full-blown meltdown. I just hope I am there when she does, and I know what the hell to do. Ever since we lost mom you know she has kept her emotions to herself and tries to hold it together. Until she can’t anymore.” He says while wiping his hand down his face.
  • I can tell he is stressed about Addy, so am I. I have always had a protectiveness over her since we were kids, as she got older, it got stronger. I went from just wanting to protect her like a brother would, to wanting to protect her like she belongs to me. I seriously need to get over this crush.
  • “She has always come to you man, and you have always known what to do. You are an amazing big brother to her; just give her the time she needs.” I reply.
  • “I just have so much shit going on right now, trying to get ready to take over for dad, and I feel like I don’t even have time to take care of her. She should be my top priority; I feel like I am failing her and my parents.” He mumbles through his hands that cover his face.
  • “How about I go and check on her a little later? I have an apology to give anyways. I know you have evening training in a little bit, while you go there, I will go and check in on her, and apologize and hope she doesn’t punch my teeth out.” I say. I notice just the thought of her has my heart racing and I try to steady it’s beat.
  • He looks down at his watch and stands. “Yeah, you do owe her an apology. I offered to punch you for her by the way, she said its only fun if she gets to do it.” He smirks at me.
  • “But for real man, I know she loves you like a brother, and it would give me some relief too to know someone is with her right now.”
  • He stops as he walks towards the door, and looks back at me, “Maybe walk in with your hands up in surrender, maybe you will have a better chance of keeping your teeth” He smirks at me.
  • “Yeah, I don’t want to die before I get to be Alpha, and dude you know I love her too.” He looks over at me with a raised eyebrow. “Like a sister.” I continue rolling my eyes at him.
  • He chuckles as he opens the door and says, “thanks man, let her know that I will be home for dinner. Tell my little moon I love her.”
  • “I will man.”