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Chapter 4 Little Moon

  • Addy’s POV
  • I can’t believe Braxton had the nerve to try to pull, I am your future alpha crap on me. He can be such a jerk at times. I grabbed the baskets Luna Maria had left for me in the kitchen and loaded them up in my car. I drove home so I could get started on the grief baskets.
  • As I entered the house, I was still so angry at Braxton. I felt bad for what I said to Tristan, and I know I need to apologize to him, but Braxton. I should have knocked his teeth out. I don’t know why I let him bother me so much, well I know why. I have had the biggest crush on Braxton for as long as I can remember. It’s not like I would ever act on it. I promised I would never date or do anything with anyone until I find my mate. I turn 18 next month. I will finally get my wolf and maybe I will find my mate. I don’t care as much about the mate part yet, but I am super excited about meeting my wolf. I have dreamed of this my whole life. I just wish my mom and dad were there for me as well, it’s hard to think about the night of my first shift without them there.
  • I start laying out the materials I need for the grief baskets in the dining room. I sort through all the typical stuff we put in them, and then get started on writing the personal cards I will put in each basket. I am finishing up my last card when I hear the back door open. I know it’s Tristan by his scent. I feel embarrassed and ashamed with how I treated him earlier. He’s my big brother and I love him so much. I know what I said hurt him. I hear him walk up behind me and lean against the doorway.
  • “Hey Little Moon.” He says softly. My parents and a lot of the older pack members have always called me little moon. My mom uses to say that it was to remind me of my strength and of my destiny. I never understood what she meant.
  • “Hey Tristan.” I said as I stand up and turn around. I am scared to look up because I am so ashamed. “Tristan I am so sorry.” I start. I feel arms wrapped around me and he pulls me into his chest and holds me. “I know. I know you didn’t mean it. I miss him too.” We just stand there holding each other for a long time as he rubs my back. We finally pull apart and he grabs my chin and makes me look up at him.
  • “Hey, I love you. Nothing you ever say will change that.” He smiles softly at me as he speaks.
  • “I love you too, and I really am sorry. I really shouldn’t have said that.” I smile back. “You mean like how Braxton shouldn’t have pulled the whole I’m your next alpha on you.” He smirked at me.
  • I roll my eyes as I smile and shake my head, “Yeah that wasn’t a good move on his part. If my knuckles weren’t already busted, I would have punched his teeth out, alpha or not.” I said in air quotes at the end.
  • Tristan chuckled, “and he would have deserved it. I am pretty sure Alpha Jack would have applauded you as well.” We both laugh at that. He probably would have too. Alpha Jack and Luna Maria have always treated me like their daughter, and there have a been a few times when Braxton has said something stupid, and I have socked him for it. They always tell him not to say something stupid to me to get hit.
  • “Addy look, I know you don’t want to grieve yet, and I am not trying to replace dad. I just don’t want you to go around hurting yourself, okay. I love you, and I can’t handle you getting hurt. It hurts me when you do. I am always here for you little moon.” He wraps me up again as he speaks, and I just lay my head on his chest.
  • “I know Tristan. I will grieve, I promise. I am just not ready yet.” I don’t know if I ever will be ready.
  • He let’s me go and kisses my forehead. “Alright, I have to get back to the packhouse. I have to teach training tonight. I have a meeting with Braxton before that as well. You want me to punch him for you? You know I will.” He asked with a raised eyebrow.
  • I chuckle and shake my head. “Nah, its only fun if I get to do the punching.” We both chuckle and he kissed my forehead one more time.
  • “I shouldn’t be back to late.”
  • “No problem. I will be making cookies for the grief baskets, so I have plenty to be doing.” I smile as he walks towards the back door.
  • “Save me a few, you know I love your cookies.”
  • “No promises.” I smirk at him.
  • He shakes his head, and yells back, “See you this evening little moon, love you!” as he walks out the back door.
  • “Love you too!” I yell back.
  • I walk to the pantry and start getting out the ingredients for my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies. She made the best chocolate chip cookies in the entire pack. I had the recipe memorized since I was 5 but she also had it written down in her recipe box. I pull it out, just like today, when I feel like I need her close to me. I touch the words written in her handwriting on the card. “I miss you mom.” I whisper to myself as I caress her words. I put the card down on the counter start pulling out bowls and cookie sheets. “Now is not the time to break down.” I tell myself. “I have to be strong. I have to hold it together. Tristan needs me. These warriors’ families need me. I need to keep it together, just stay busy and you will be fine”
  • I put the bowls down and I start getting busy with making cookies.