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Chapter 5 Conversation

  • ❤️ Conversation ❤️
  • Eleanor Home:
  • Once they were in, Eleanor took them to the only guest room she had, luckily for them it was neatly arranged. Setting their bags in the room she gestured for Samira to follow and left the room.
  • "Hiro, I will be back shortly, okay?" Samira said and he nodded his head at her as he sat down on the neatly arranged bed. Smiling and turning to leave the room but stopped to face her son. "Please, we are in someone's house, so please behave yourself." she added and Hiro smiled at her and nodded again.
  • She met Eleanor in her sitting room and went to meet her, sitting next to her.
  • Eleanor brought out a pack of cigarettes and gave one to Samira.
  • "I don't smoke anymore Eleanor but thanks anyway."
  • Eleanor snorted, "Just checking out something," she said as she kept the pack of cigarettes on her lap. "Samira let me cut down the chase, why are you really here?"
  • "My son had answered you, we came here to hide." Samira replied truthfully.
  • "Hide from what? Or from who?" Eleanor asked with raised brows. She wanted to hear what Samira would answer her.
  • "I don't know. I told you I wanted to lie low which I did but somehow I was traced down to where I was living and now I am back." Samira answered.
  • "To lie low again?"
  • "No, to find out who are those after my life." Samira answered. "I am tried of hiding Eleanor."
  • "You see when you pull out that stunt of yours, killing someone has Mr King, I laughed because I know you are impossible to kill or get, only a fool would believe that Mr King is dead."
  • "Look at who is calling kettle black. I just did what you did, I'm learning from you."
  • Eleanor's lips twitched a bit. "My case is different and you know that and look, I have been able to blend myself and hide myself perfectly unlike you, just a few years of being undercover and look at how it is going well."
  • "I made sure I left no trace behind when I left."
  • "Why did you leave? The real reason you left." Eleanor asked and raised up one of her index fingers to shut up Samira who had opened up her mouth to speak. "I need the truth because whoever it is that made you leave your hideout would probably be tracing here or who knows, they would have already located here so I need to be prepared for the worst and what worst could happen?"
  • Samira laughed. "We are the worst. Is my baddest hunter coming back into the game?"
  • "In your dreams Samira." Eleanor joined her laughing.
  • "You know they don't know I have a witch friend who hunts and kills all creatures."
  • "Stop it, I'm no longer that Eleanor, I didn't kill you and you are still sitting right in front of me."
  • "That's because I wouldn't let you take out my sexy head, you said it yourself that killing me is impossible." Samira stated remembering how she and the Witch had often crossed paths and until they decided to make a truce since they couldn't kill themselves, at that time Eleanor have up been a hunter, Samira had cried, one of the best hunters is retiring early.
  • "Right," Eleanor said. "So tell me, you have a son now and please don't say the father is who I think he is because if it is truly Zinedine Wilderwood then you are in big trouble Samira. He owes this city." she added. At that moment Hiro came to meet them.
  • "Aunt Eleanor, do you have a laptop that you lend me? I'm bored, please." He asks with the sweetest tiny voice he could ever muster.