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Chapter 60 FIFTY NINE

  • I'm Shakeera Alcantara, 24yrs. Old and single. Kind and good child, hardworking. That is what they and my parents said. There is nothing I can do just for my family. Because I love my family so much. But then came the opportunity to test my resilience when I lost my parents. I became a mother and a father to my only sister, Shaina. I was entrusted with all the obligations and responsibilities of my sister. And my world will almost collapsed when she got sick and she had to undergo a surgery. I can do nothing like that for her. It's a matter of life and death, even if I need to cling unto to the knife I will do just to save her. So without any hesitation, I entered into a secret world, where there was an ongoing trade of womens. An underground organization run by an influential person, and its clients are not casual. If you have millions then your in, if you don't have. You will not be able to enter this place. Because you will be shocked at the bidding.
  • "Good luck girl, you get the highest bid." Smiling, the gay man told me that I approached him. But it left me with a memory that I never regretted. A child. A son who looks really like his father. When I learned that the incident had paid off, I decided to resign from my job and leave our home. We Sold our little house and that was what I used for my sister's study. And the rest of the money I was paid was what I used for childbirth and our daily expenses. I told my sister the whole incident, I kept nothing secret from her. At first, she's blaming her self. But I talked to her carefully and I told her it was not her fault. Everythings happen for a reason. So she promised me that she would help me raise my child. I was so happy when I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy, and I named him Shawn Arch Alcantara. Arch from words tattooed on his father's right chest. That was the only thing I knew about my son's father. And he also knows the truth, because I did not hide anything from my son. How he was formed, and why he did not have a father. My son is kind and smart and also a responsible child. When he was two years old, I just looked for a job again. By the grace of God I did not have a hard time of applying. I was immediately hired, I was a clerk in the Marketing Department of the Smith Constraction Company (SCC). I have been working here for three years. I just easily relieved some of my co-workers. Especially my three colleagues who became my best friends. Marie, Kris and Mike. The three nasty ones you thought always had a horn. And Miss Kate is also our receptionist. We just don't always talk because of the nature of her work. If I have friends and are comfortable, I have haters too. There is also a group that I don't why they are so annoyed at me. Especially their leader, who is very jealous and angry with me. Valentina, she is mentally ill. And she was also the reason we were got accident. Pity because she was so obsessed with my husband, she did something that she also pushed to her end. Because of what happened to my boss a few months ago, his older brother temporarily replaced him. The more nervous I was when I saw him, the more I noticed how much they resembled my son. "Who am I? I AM HIS FATHER!" I remember he told me when we were in the hospital. My son was happy to know that Sir James was his father. And the same night we went home I was even surprised when he talked to me. That he wanted us to get married for my son. And it happened that same night. And the next day he moved us to his parents' house. Because the house he was building was not finished yet. My sister also with us, because he also did not agree that my sister would not come. And I will not allow it to be left alone in our rented house. My husband's parents and I agreed, so there would have been no problem. But there were incidence we did not expect. When someone tried to take my life, that was why my husband and I had an accident. He also spent a few days in the hospital, its been a week as well. And that's when I realized that I really love this man next to me now.
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