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Chapter 56 FIFTY FIVE

  • "James." I weakly called him, I suddenly felt weak. My eyes gradually darkened. But I still heard a loud shout before I was swallowed up by the darkness. "SHAKEERAAAA NOOOO"
  • "Mmm" I feel the heavyness of my eyelids. I have a hard time to open them. But little by little I opened it. At first it was vague, but soon my surroundings became clear. A white ceiling and the smell of the hospital greeted me. "Mmm, James." I could barely hear my own voice in its extreme weakness. The weakness of my feeling. "Ate, thanks god you're awake. How are you feeling? Are you in pain? Are you okay huh? Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?" I heard my sister next question. "Water, I want water Ina I'm thirsty." She quickly stood up to fetch water. The weakness of my feeling in my body. It was as if I had run out of energy. "Here is the water Ate, I'll just make your bed for a while. So you can drink well. Oh take it easy." My sister told me then I was given water to drink. "Thank you Ina." Suddenly I felt a little relieved when I drank water. "Are you feeling okay now Ate?" Worried my sister said to me. I just node at her. Then I remember what happened to me and James? "Ina your Kuya? Where is James? What happened to him?" I couldn't help but asked her. I was suddenly felt nervous. 'My God, do not let anything happend to him please.' I silently pray in my mind. Because I couldn't help but to worry for him. "His fine Ate, he just finished his operation. It took a while to remove the bullet but God forbid it was removed properly. He is still in the ICU now but he will also be transferred when he is ok and there is no complication in the operation performed on him. So you have nothing to worry about ok? Just be strong." I just close my eyes to what she said. I was a little taken aback by what I heard. "Anyways Ate, congrats." Smiling she said to me. I frowned and then opened my eyes and then I looked at her. "Your two weeks on the way, Shawn will be a big brother soon." Then I just remembered what the doctor at the clinic told me earlier. "I'm pregnant?" I said softly, It still has hardly entered my mind. She nodded at me with a smile. "So you have to be strong and healthy. Then be extra careful. It's good that nothing bad happened to my baby nephew. Your bleeding earlier, but not that much, because you are still in the first stage of your pregnancy. Doc has already prescribed vitamins." She said happily. 'I was pregnant, I forgot I was fertile that time when we had another time. We're going to have a child again for the second time. How would James feel if he found out I was pregnant? Will he be happy? Maybe that's how he will feel. My son Shawn will definitely be happy too. My child.' I said in my mind. "Ina where is my son? Who's with Shawn? Does he know what happened to us? Where is he?" I next asked her, he was definitely crying now. Her face immediately looked sad when she looked at me. "Earlier he was crying. Mommy and Daddy stays beside him. They never leave him alone. I feel sorry for them, Ate. Jason still doesn't wake up, and now Kuya James is here also. Mommy almost never stopped crying, Fortunately, Daddy was always by her side. He is also very worried about you. Actually, they just came out. They are going to see your husband. With your son, he also wants to see his dad." She told me sadly. She also became close to James' parents. They do not treat my sister differently. They think of her as a child. So Mommy and Daddy is what Shaina calls them because that's what they want to call them. And we also have it at home. I just closed my eyes and sighed at what she told me. I can't help but feel sad too, for them. "Ina, I want to see my husband." I said softly. "All right, Ate, I'll ask the Doctor first if you can visit your husband ok. I'll take you to him when you can." She also told me then called Doc. Soon he came in to look at me. "Hello Mrs. Smith, how's your feeling now?" "Except for the weakness, Doc nothing else. Doc I want to see my husband." He smiled at me before he spoke again. "I understand you Mrs. Smith, so I let you see your husband but just a moment is ok. And take Miss Alcantara with you, and I'll send you a wheelchair so you won't be in trouble." And he said I just need a little rest first, and anytime I can go out. "Thank you very much Doc."
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