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Chapter 55 FIFTY FOUR

  • "TRICIA?!" I can't believe she's here now. "Yes, the one and only Tricia. Surprise..." She smiling as she said and approached my wife. "When did you come? And how did you fine us here?"
  • "Will, when you asked when I came. The day you were ambush, Oh my God! That night? Its really a horror. Gosh." She says that it has a bit of meaning in her voice.
  • "So fussy." My friend Arthur whispered. "Hmp." Tricia stared and smirk at him. I just smiled at the two's behavior. "Anyway, I'm the one who brought you two here. I was a few cars away from you. Behind your back that night. I just landed, and we're on our way home. And Oh my gosh really! I witness everything. I witness how your car bump into that tree. Gosh! Its really scares me a lot. Gosh as in oh my gosh. You know, first time ever I saw an incidince like that! With my two eyes super. Will, actually. Its really my driver recognize your car. I just help him, you know. At first I did not recognize you two too cuz of the bloods in your face and the feeling that I was so shock as in very shock. And Not until I can stare at you carefully. And oh My God Uncle I know them! I told my driver that time. And I told him to make it fast, his driving and take you here. You know." She further articulates speech full of artfulness. I just laughed in my mind. I know she meant it to annoy my friend Arthur even more. Because this one is annoyed with the character of this step sister of mine. The sharp of his eyes as he looked at Tricia. She did not failed. "Tsh, bro, I'm just outside, Sha, don't come next her too much there, you might get infected by that woman's artfulness." He said before leaving the room. "Hmp, what's your problem huh?" She shouted. I just laughed at their actions. "Restore the sweetness of love ... Give back to the loving heart..." Miguel's voice suddenly echoed inside the room. It sings. "Tse! You Miguel." She grabbed an apple and threw it at him. He immediately catch it, the madman was still laughing after catching and bite at the same time. "Thanks." He said more and raised it even more. "This is really gonna be exciting." Michael said meaningfully. "You said it bro. I miss seing the cat and the dog fighting." Daniel also said, and Laugh at the same time. "Tse! Get out all of you here. Go with your friend who is still bitter like bittergourd, with a shallow ass." She's annoyed as she said it away at the three. They just laugh at her. "Why us, you go get out. Chase him, his just want you chasing him." He added. "I'll chase you if you haven't come out yet, you b*stard." She grabbed a knife and handed it to them. The three went to the door quickly, they are still laughing. "Loser!" Migs shouted at Tricia. "You idiots! Ba*tard!" She said then turned to us. "Cowards." She said while laughing. "Relax Trish the wrikles." My wife said while laughing too. I frowned at her. The way she talked at her, it seems like they have known each other for a long time. She's very comfortable, knowing Tricia, she is very choosy among those she talks to and friends with. "You two, do you know each other?" I couldn't help but asked them. They looked at me. "Yes" They said once more. "How?" I am still curious. "We were friends. We became best friends when we were in college." My wife said. "Yeah, right. We just separated when I left for the U.S. Don't you remember my bestfriend Keera? That I always told you before?" Tricia said. "Yes I remember, how can I forget that huh you have no other words when you got home but Keera. You are always mentioning Keera and Keera you have known any words but Keera, only Keera." Laughing I told her. I remember all that. Because she always mention it to me. "You know what Keera, he was so annoyed with you when evrytime I mention you to him before, but I know he is very curious about you." Smiling she said more. I just laughed at what she said, because it was true. I got really curious about her before. And my wife looked at me in shocked. "You mean Trish, he was the one you always told me before JAS your step brother?" She is also asked her, unbelievable question. "Yeah" She nodded and smiled as well. "Its really good right? You finally met. But how?" She added.
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