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Chapter 53 FIFTY TWO

  • 'This is too much, so early but the traffic really sucks and its moving like a turtle.This is so annoying! grrr... This is what I hate about Philippines, traffic is too much specially here in Manila, Gush... Make me in bad mode. And make me stress. My God. I really hate being in here. If it weren't for what happened to daddy I would never be here. Imagine I just arrived, this immediately greeted me?' I whispered angrily and lazily to myself. "Uncle, can we have no other way out without too much traffic?" I asked our driver. "Ma'am, even if we change our way today, the traffic is still like this." My driver said. "Grrr.." Disgusted I said. "That's why I really don't like being here Uncle, too much annoying traffic. It's a good thing there's no trouble now." I told him artfully. Then it's true. "It's really like this here ma'am, at this times like this. The traffic is too long. It's rush hour." My driver explained to me. "My God! Uncle What is that, are they gunshot? Uncle we may be hit by wild bullets." I was surprised by what I heard. I can't help but panic. A loud exchange of gunshots echoed in the stillness of the night. Later a very loud explosion will be heard. A blazing fire can be seen. "Oh my God! Uncleee!!!" I couldn't stop shouting at him. We were just ahead of the crashed vehicle. I was really shocked by the panic. First time ever I witnessed an explosion, an incidents like this. "Hija don't shout I'm confused by you. Just relax there." As he said. "Uncle funny, how can I be relaxed Uncle? You se it very well right? Oh My God Uncle! The car was about to hit!!!" I was stunned again and couldn't help but screem, shout and get scared. I felt that he was running fast in the car. Then the crashed vehicle was pointed at. "Uncle slow down."
  • "Hija I think I know that car." He quickly got out of the car when it stopped. Then approached to that. And opened the door to the driver's side. I'm just like an idiot looking at him. I saw that it signaled me to come. Only then did I seem to realize. I need to help him take the man out from the car before it will burn and explode. "Uncle." I do not know what to say. I can't help but panic. I'm scared of blood. "Hurry up Hija help me get him out, of the car." He told me. He was unconscious, his suit full of blood. Those were gunshot wounds. He also had a wound on his forehead, but that did not seem to be a gunshot wound. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. He looks handsome and straightforward. It looks like his body is being taken care of work out. He's heavy so Uncle and I had a hard time carrying him. Soon we were able to ride him at the back properly. I was about to board again when Uncle spoke again. "Hija he still has someone with him come help me lift him." I was surprised by what he said, but I was even more surprised by his companion. Woman, I thought man too. And she's bleeding too. We also immediately put her in the car. "Please hurry up and take them to the nearest hospital." I was getting hystirical as I said to him. Uncle quickly drove the car. I kept looking back at where the two were sitting. I was even surprised when I stared at their faces properly. "OH MY GOD UNCLE! I know them!" Of all people, they the one. He looked at me because of what I said him. "I thought you would never recognize them." He told me. I immidiately step out of the car when we arrive at the hospital. "Help! Please help us!" I quickly called the nurses. "Stretchers please! Hurry please!" They also immediately approached us. "Ma'am what happened to the patients?" A nurse asked me. "Gun shots." I said quickly here. "Ma'am, are you related to them?" The nurse asked me again. "I'm just a concern cetizen." That's all I said. I could not restrain myself from worrying in any way. There are many more questions that I answered correctly. Many nurses helped with this. "Ate! Kuya James! Oh God, what happened to you? My God." I was distracted when I heard a loud shout. It came from a crying nurse. Confused, she does not seem to know whom will to assist first. Moved around two patients. She looks familiar to me. "Ate please hold on, please. God." She cries. While pushing the stretcher with the other nurses towards OR. "Nurse Shaina please come down your self, you can not go inside if you are like that." I heard one of his companions say to her. She cried for a while before calming herself down. I saw another nurse support her too and spoke softly. Later I saw She enter the operating room. My driver and I even talked to the police before we left. Along the way I still do not forget what I witnessed. And I really never expect this to meet me when I return here to the Philippines. "I'm really so tired and stressed Uncle. What a wonderful meeting right?" I even laughed out loud at what I said. I'm happy to be home but sad. Happy because we were able to save lives, sad because of the fact that I came home because of my daddy's condition. And to think that I have no ability to save him too. Then I just sighed and rubbed my penny. It suddenly hurts because of stress. I just closed my eyes as I rubbed my forehead. I did not realize I had fallen asleep.
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