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Chapter 52 FIFTY ONE

  • I felt like the whole world was fell on me. I blame my self because I did nothing, to save my wife. The pain, it seems, shattered my heart with its excruciating pain. "Shakeeraaa my wife! Why? Why did you leave me? Why my love?!" I couldn't stop myself from screaming. All I wanted to do now is to shout and shout until I lose my voice. "Bro, calm down. Your world is not over yet. Don't forget, someone is still waiting for you. Someone is still in need of you. You still have a child bro, your child is still there. Just waiting for you. Your child need you more now bro. You need to be strong, for the sake of your child. So bro please, please. Be strong, be strong Bro. For your child." Miguel told me. How foolish as he was before, Nothing is as serious as he is now. It was as if cold water had been poured on me. Because of what he said. 'My son, Shawn. Stupid of me! Why did I not think of my son. My poor son, not only me have lost but also my son. How stupid I am? Shawn, I'm sorry.' "My son, Shawn? Where is my son? How is he? Does he already know what happened to his mother?" I can not control myself. I'm worried about my son, I want to hug him. He nodded. "Yes bro, that's why you need to be strong, for your child. Because he needs you more now. Your child did not stop crying. He will not even leave next to his mother. He does not want to stop crying, Even his aunt can't stop him, even your parents can't take him away your wife bro. Bro everything has a reason, you still have a child bro. He badly needed you now, not just now. You have to be brave." As he said. It was as if my heart was broken by what he said. "Oh God!" I suddenly felt weak, my whole body softened. "Shawn..." I almost had no voice. "Be strong, you need to get well soon bro. For your child's sake. You can handle it, we are always here next to you." One by one they approached me and patted my shoulder. "We're so sorry bro." They added. Suddenly my mouth watered with anger. "The perpetrator has to pay my wife! I will end his life myself! He took my wife's life, I also took his life!" Weak but strong I say. "Bro, calm down. Then don't even think about that thing. You don't have to retaliate, because she is gone. What happened to her is even worse. Her car exploded with her. She would have been arrested but she sounded it. And fled, but it was not far from the greed of the authorities. So instead of surrendering, she became stubborn and chased after the police. She was hit by the oncoming ten wheelers truck, because of the force of the empact. BOOM blast." Long explanation to me by Daniel. "Who?" I just asked them. I also want to know who is plotting it all. "Will you believe that one of your employees did all this? A woman obsessed with you, a woman who was madly mad and dead to you bro. She's very angry to your wife because she felt she take you from her. And she can't accept that there is another woman in your life. So she wants to desposed Shakeera. She has planned it all for a long time." Arthur said. "Is she crazy to do that?" I said it angrily. "Exactly bro! She's crazy. She has a brain dis order. She is mentally trapped but she escaped and disguised. She is wearing a prostetics bro, so she was not caught and also with the help of her father in her father's mistress. And you know what who is one of his accomplices? Your ex bro. Lannie. " I frowned at what he said. "Yes bro, because she is related to the father of Valentina Crisostomo, your employee, who is the mastermind of all this. She ordered the kidnapping of your wife. Your wife is the only one who she wanted. But others what happened was that they fired bullets at your car. Fortunately, my men followed you. They blew up the car of those who were chasing you, before you hit in a tree. Fortunately, you were pulled out before your car exploded. And you were immediately taken to the hospital. Your wife sustained more wounds and she also lost a lot of blood." My teeth chattered at what he said. "Oh god." I said weakly at what he said. I just closed my eyes, I could not stop the outburst of anger. I would like them topay who does this. 'My wife, my poor wife. Lost because of worthless people.' I could not stop my tears from flowing. Until I burst into tears. I did nothing to save her. "All right pare, you just cry that. Take out all your anger and resentment, if that will ease your feelings. But just don't force yourself so your wounds don't open." Daniel said and immediately signaled to Michael that I did not notice. Later, nurses came in and injected me. Because I could not stop screaming. Until I gradually felt weak. And it looks like my lids are being pulled to close. "My wife." I said softly before I lost consciousness.
  • "Auntie, how is he? Hasn't he woken up yet?" Migs asked James mom. She just burst into tears, Her husband pulled her away from the bed. "He was just asleep son, he had to be injected to calm down because he suddenly hysterical earlier. Screaming, calling his wife. Your aunt, here I can hardly stop her from crying." Uncle sad voice as he said. "Auntie, calm down, crying too much is not good for your health, you need to rest, auntie." My friend Daniel, said. He is also worried about aunt, because we already consider her like a mother. And she also treats us as her children. So we are also very worried about her. "Yes, aunt, James don't like to see you like that, he will be sad and worried about you too. So its better, to go home first and rest, and to be with Shawn he is definitely crying. We will take care of our friend here." Michael agreed. "Yes aunt, uncle it is better for you to take aunt home first. Michael was right. We will take care of him, we will call you as soon as James wakes up." I also agrees. "Honey the boys are right, you better get some rest first. Since we are in here, you always like that. Our son will not like when he finds out that you are doing it to yourself. That will make him angry, let's go home first honey You might get sick." Gently and tenderly he said to his wife. "All right, son, it would be better for me to take your aunt home first. Thank you, just call us right away when our son wakes up. And if you need anything." He said again. "Please boys, let us know right away ok, when he wakes up." His mommy said and the good thing was she listened to us. "Yes, aunt, don't worry, we will take care of it. Please Take care." I said and then kissed her on the forehead, my other friends did the same. Before they came out, and patted uncle on the shoulder. "Thank you boys. "James bro, get up in there bro. Enough lying there you've been resting there too much. You've been sleeping there for five days, go and get up. We're going to hunt beautiful and sexy chikababes. Ouch --- "Miguel's mischief started again. "Miguel, Miguel. Whenever you are, you are really stupid." Daniel said and quickly hit him. "Danny your getting used to it huh," He immediately complained. Suddenly their conversation stopped when the door opened and then a nurse came in and someone else was with her. Their eyes immediately lit up when they saw the nurse's companion. She's really nice. And sexy even just a simple blouse and skinny jeans she was just wearing. Its still obvious. "Excuse me, I just need to check the patient." The nurse immediately told us. "All right Misss take your time, we'll go outside first. You take care of our friend first, we're just outside." She just nodded at what I said. "We're just outside." Others said before leaving the room. Like me, she just nodded in response.
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