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Chapter 50 FOURTY NINE

  • I'm already awake when the door opens. I would have woken up when I heard the click of it. So I just kept my eyes closed and pretended to be asleep. He also stood for a while until I could feel his action. I thought he would come out again. But I was wrong, because I felt him went on the bed and he lay next to me. He even put my head on his arm, then hugged his other arm around my waist. I can't move what he did. In a few moments I heard his deep breathing. Sign that he is asleep. Then I just stared. I could not stop myself from caressing his cheek. He looks so tired, I can't help but feel pity for my husband. It was as if my heart was broken. It was as if sharp daggers had struck in here. And there are small needles. I also could not stop my tears from flowing. Because I felt compassion. I quickly wiped it off then I hugged him. I also pressed my face to his neck. It was as if I was swayed by the smell of it. His smells so good to feel. It smelled like it was all over my whole being. I still close my eyes to sniff his scent. I feel like a child inhaling delicious food and following its smell. That's how I feel. It seems like I don't want to leave next to my husband. Until I fall asleep again with his scent.
  • "Mmm" I felt dizzy when I felt a gentle caress on my cheek and arm. I moved slowly and stretched my arms and body. Because of the hook I felt. Suddenly my arms stopped in the air when I felt like my son suddenly grew up. I quickly opened my eyes. My eyes widened slightly in shock. Because it is not my son next to me but my son's father. My husband. Only then did what happened sink into my mind. It was as if my ass was being pushed by the speed of my rise. I was about to stand up when he touched my arm. "Sorry if I wake you up sweety. How's your feeling now?" He told me. "Ahm, not really. It's ok. I think I slept for a long time. What time is it? Maybe I need to go back to work, It's so embarrassing." Confused I told him. I walked quickly to the door, but I was stopped immediately when he speak again. "Its already seven PM babe, so you don't have to go back to your office. We will go home now." Smiling he said to me. When I look back on it. It was as if I was nailed to my stand, unable to move. "T-That L-Long I-I slept?" I still can't believe I asked him. I still stutter too. He just smiled sweetly then hid from me. "Its ok babe, the important thing is that you rest well. Anyways let's go home, I miss Shawn." He also moved to get off from the bed. He fixed that first before approaching me. Only then did I seem to realize when I heard my son's name. I knew he was worried, because I had not even called him to let him know that we would be home for a long time. "Shawn, I have to call." I hurried out of the room. "I already called him, earlier while you were still asleep. I said that we would be home a little late, because you are still asleep. And he told me not to wake you up, just wait for you to wake up, because you are tired." He says at me. That stopped my action again. "Is that so, thank you." That's all I can say. "Wait I'll just take the food you told me to bought earlier." He immediately headed to the pantry area. Then I also remembered that I told him to bought. Especially raw mango with anchovies. I suddenly felt my saliva, as if I wanted to slap them. I was even more surprised because of the sudden sound of my stomach, I was immediately held here. "Oh, I guess its better to eat first before going home babe." He said he immediately took out the plastic food and then heated the pizza in the microwave. I immediately tasted them. I immediately grabbed the raw mango and dipped it in the ice cream. And I also put a new slice of pizza with anchovies and quickly ate it. I was about to run out of food in front of me when I remembered the one in front of me. He doesn't move, he just stares at me as I eat. It was even dumbfounded, and his face was full of wonder and amusement. I was suddenly felt embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I'm just hungry. I'm almost exhausted." Shyly I told him. I looked at him holding a slice. That has not been bitten yet. Only then did it seem to realize. I hesitated to smile at him. "Its ok babe, don't worry. I'm just glad you ate well. I didn't know you just wanted to put some anchovies on pizza and then dip the raw manggo in ice cream." "I just only tasted it now, and it tastes good. It's really delicious. Do you want to try it?" I shyly said to him. "No, thanks babe. I wanted to but you ran out." My husband said still smiling at me. "Huh?" My eyes widened as I looked at the table. The box and the ice cream are empty. I ran out of all that? I thought it was only half a box but I only had half a slice. What a shame, my edible strength. I really can't believe it. I ran out of everything. "Don't worry babe, I still have. Then it's all for you." He said then showed me his handle. And smiled sweetly at me before biting that. I was stunned to stare at him. It looks a slow motion to me, he looks so sexy while chewing. I feel attracted. Suddenly I felt hot. It was as if butterflies were flying in my stomach and abdomen. The heat made me sweat so sticky. 'What is happening to me? Why do I suddenly feel this way? Why, I seem to be attracted to him? Why do I want to__ kiss him. God I am ashamed. I just sat down and hugged, as if I was being tickled now. My God what is this. Then, I feel like I want to feel locked in his arms again. Oh God .'
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