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  • I quickly got up from my seat when I saw Shakeera enter my office. I immediately hugged her I'm so worried about what happened this morning. "You scared me to death babe." I whispered to her, And I hold her face. All I want to do is to kiss her and keep her in my arms. "Hey! I'm still here dude." I was annoyed when the man with us suddenly spoke. I almost forgot had someone with me. "How are you? Are you okay? Is something wrong with you? Oh God, you worried me sweety." I still can’t help but worry about her. And She's blushing when I give her a smack on her lips. She looks so cute when her face becomes red as tomato. "Ehemm, your tenderness is enough first. You can continue that at home later. I need to talk to her first, bro." He said when I still ignored him. Then I just thought we needed to plan what to do. I led my wife to the chair to sit down and I sat beside her, I put my arm around her to make her feel relax. And slowly squezing her hands while holding it. "What are we talking about?" She seems confusing, as she asks Arthur. "It's about what happened to you this morning Sha. You need to be carefull." She was obviously surprised, I know she didn't expect it to know what happened. "As long as we don't know the person who is trying to get you. But don't worry, I already have people assigned to watch over you. They are just around you. They always follow and watch you wherever you go." As he contenue explaining. I noticed that mywife was silent as if she was deep in thought. And I feel relieved that he said that he already has security assigned to my wife. I can really count on him in a situation like this. Because his specializes in resolving these types of cases. And he has a lot of connections too. But I'm still not very calm until I find out who is the mastermind behind all this. Once we agreed on what to do, sit didn't take long. Especially when he receives a call from one of his staff. Looks like it has a lead in the case, he immediately let us know after he spoke. "I have to go bro, Sha don't worry. Everything will be fine." He told us. "Thanks bro." I told him. "Don't mention it bro." And he immidiately evaporate the room after he said. My wife is still quiet, it seems to be deep in thought. "Babe, are you ok?" She did not answer nor did it look at me. I just gasped, and I decided to hug her. I know shes not fine. I was surprised when she suddenly started crying. "Shhh, its ok babe. Everything will be fine too, I promise you. I will not let anything happen to you ok. I will not allow it. I will fight them first whoever they are. They need to kill me first before they can approach you, you and our child. Please babe. You heard what Arthur said, didn't you? Let's just trust him. It will end too soon." I told her even more. "Babe." I told her. As I caress her back. My suit on the side of his chest was already wet with tears. But it does'nt matter to me, as long as it alleviates its feelings. We also spent some time in that possition I just let her cry. Until she stopped crying. "I'm sorry." She says to me and seems ashamed. Then she loosened as I hugged her. "It's ok babe, are you feeling better now?" She just nodded at what I said. "Good, do you want anything to eat babe?" She still looks so pale, so I asked this. She may be hungry and she is still quiet. "I want Hawaiian pizza and ice cream double Dutch flavor, please." Later on she said it to me. "Ok babe." I immediately called my secretary and ordered what it said. "And please buy some raw manggo as well as salted shrimp sauce." I looked at my wife. Because of what she said. "Ok." I just said. Later I noticed her yawning, she yawned one after another. "Do you want to take a nap, babe. You can take a nap in the room if you want. While the food I ordered has not yet arrived. I'll just wake you up when it arrives." I said to my wife, as I helped her to her feet. She didn't speak anymore when I guided her to the bedroom. I also help her to lie down. She is like a child who is next to her parents. I kissed her first before going out. It was as if my heart was broken when I looked closely at her face. After a while, I heard its deep breathing. That means she fell asleep. "I'm so sorry babe." I whispered to her. I felt guilty because I did avoid her this past few weeks. After something happened to us again I took them to our house. I notice as if it counts on me, maybe she is not ready to be with me under one roof. Especially when she moved into our son's room. But even so, she still takes care of my needs. She prepares the clothes I will wear when I enter the office, as well as the food for me and my son. And she even brought me with food for lunch. What she doesn't know is that I get to see them into the room when I know my son and her are asleep. Every night and watched them for a while, while sleeping soundly and she hug him. Sometimes I can't help but be jealous, I also want to hug them while sleeping at night. The two of them. I give them a kiss first before I go back to our room. I kissed her on the forehead before going out. 'Sleep well babe, I love you so much. You and our son, I really love you. I promise you, I will not let anything happen to you.' One more glance at my wife before I finally left. She is really beautiful, she looks like an angel in a very beautiful way. And just like a sleeping child. Although she is a bit pale. I tried to calm down and go back to reviewing the files. But I can't focus on what I'm doing. I just stared at the folders on top of my table. I just rubbed my forehead. My head suddenly hurt. I was startled by the sudden ringing of the phone. I looked at my phone on the table but it was not. So I looked at my wife's bag in the sofa, that's where the sound came from. I would have ignored that but still did not stop ringing. I stood up to see who the caller was. It's unrigester the caller number. I pressed the answer button but I did not speak. I just let the person on the other line speak. "How are you? Did you like my gift to you? Maybe you are nervous now. You are more nervous about what I will do next! Oh, Why do you not want to speak huh!? What?! Or did the cat bite your tongue? Speak up! You witch! Don't make me angry you flirt! Will you speak or what?! Or maybe --- " She did not continue what she said because she laughed out loud. Laughter that is not normal, theres something in her voice. It sounds like crazy laughing. I immediately ended the call. Because I can't bare to listen to it. I suddenly felt fear, fear not for myself but for my wife. Only now have I felt so scared all my life. And felt angry at the same time. I clenched my fists. I stared at the closed door of the room. I was suddenly startled when the intercom on the table rang. "Brother, the foods you ordered already here." "Ok please bring it here." I said. The door opened and Charry immediately entered with a smile. "Wheres Ate Sha?" She asked me sharply when she notice my wife presence are not here. "Just resting in the bedroom. Thank you." She smiled at what I was said. "All right, Kuya I'll go back to my place." I just nodded at her. And she quickly turned away. I got up to go to my wife. Sh is still sound asleep. I still wonder if I will wake it up or just keep her sleep first. I choose the last one. I went into bed and lay down next to her. I put her head on my arm and then hugged her. I feel so tired too. Gradually drowsiness pulled my consciousness. Until I finally fell asleep too. So I did not notice she open her eyes.
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