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Chapter 47 FOURTY SIX

  • "How come no one CCTV captured who put this envelope?! Review carefully! From yesterday until this morning. Take a good look at who came to the table my wife! Clear? You are all responsible for losing nothing you saw. What are you doing in front of the monitor if you do not notice anything suspicious of the behavior of people entering and exiting this building. With so many of you it is impossible that you did not even notice or see! Don't tell me the camera is broken in that office! And when else? yesterday or today? When did this happen?" I couldn't stop raising my voice. In a fit of rage and slapping my two hands on the table in front of the monitor. They just bowed. "I'm sorry sir, all the connections suddenly went awry last night around eleven o'clock." One of the people assigned here in the control room said softly. I frowned at what he said. "How long has this been happening?" I asked calmly here. "It won't be that long Sir, just a moment. Less than five minute." Another said. "And during that time a crime occurred." I told them again. I still haven't lost my temper. Then the door of the control room suddenly opened. And my friend Arthur came in here. "What's the problem bro? Hmm, looks serious ah." It immediately said, that the face also became serious. I handed him the envelope I was holding. He also immediately opened it and looked at its contents. Then shake it off. "Where did you get this? And when else?" This is a serious question for me. "This morning, at my wife table. It didn't do her any good. I took her to the clinic earlier because she lost consciousness. Due to extreme anxiety and fear." I told him. I could no longer control my anger, especially when I remembered my wife's face earlier. I called the clinic earlier and asked to her nurse about her, but shes still sleeping said the nurse I spoke to. And she made sure she was ok. I was a little taken aback by what I found out. And I told her to call me this time to wake up. That's all I'm waiting for right now. "Have you looked at the CCTV footage?" He told me. "Yes, but we saw nothing. No camera was taken." I told him. He frowned at me. "Suddenly all the connections went awry last night." "How long?" he asked. "Almost five minutes." I said. "I'll take care of it." He said he then ordered the beaks in front of the monitor one by one. He said a lot. And command them. They quickly complied. He is an expert when it comes to such tasks. "BINGO!" Suddenly I heard him said. So I stared at what he was pointing at the monitor. It was worn, and slightly zoomed in yet. "No sweat." He still bragging. Less than twenty minutes, meaning it has already been seen. I just frowned as I stared at the monitor. Its face is not very reflective. But based on its posture, it is a woman. So I frowned even more. "Is that the suspect?" I ask here. "Yes, right now because she is the only one with weak suspicious behavior. And what she is doing here at those times, no matter how she avoids the camera there still has a part captured in it. And I guess she knows the intricacies here inside because, she only works here in this company. And I think bro, she is very angry with your wife. Because otherwise, she will not send her like this." This is a long explanation from him. He also ordered to print out of the monitor. "Be alert, all of you. I do not want this to happen again. If you do not want me to remove you all. Understand?" I told them. "Yes Sir." They answered me quickly. "And you Cortez, you are the head fix your staff. Clear?" "Yes Sir I will never let this happen again."
  • "You should be thankful to the my expert friend here, because otherwise you will all be removed." I said to them again. "I'm sorry sir." They said. "Lets talk at my office Arthur." I turned to my friend. And we are going out. We just came out when my phone suddenly rang. "Yes, OK thank you." My wife is awake and the doctor is currently talking to her. "Who's that?" I heard its question to me. "The nurse, my wife seems to be awake." I just said it here. "I need to talk to your wife about this." It added. As we walk. "I want you to dig deeper bro. And I need your men. I need people to watch over her, twenty four seven for her securety if necessary." I said here. "You can count on me bro, my people are ready. They are currently scattered in all corners of this building. Someone is also monitoring your wife's every move." Arthur told me. "Thank you so much bro, this is a big thing for me. I really don't know what I will do when something bad happens to my wife." I told him seriously. "I know bro. Anyways I have already contacted the troops, they will help." He said while patting my shoulder. I was very worried about my wife. "The culprit and her accomplices must be caught immediately. I know she have companions. She will not have the courage if his alone and I can not have peace of mind." I said. "That's what I will do bro. I will not let her succeed whoever she is. And if she is tossed I am more to her or to them." He said emphatically. He immediately sat down when we entered my office. I did the same, I even closed my eyes. While massaging my head. I also gasped. I feel so exhausted. I could still see my wifed's face before she lost consciousness. It was so pale, I knew it was due to nervousness earlier. I really can't forgive myself when something bad happens to her. 'I will protect you babe, I'll do everything to protect you. No matter what, I am willing to trade my life for you if necessary. Because I love you, I love you so much. Shakeera.' Love? I was suddenly taken aback by what I thought. 'YES I love her. I already love her.'
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