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  • I smiled when I saw my wife's reaction. Her face is like a red tomato. She immediately entered our room to scaped from me for sure. And I saw her closing her eyes, while seating on the couch. And I slowly went to her. "Babe." I said softly to her. "You can take rest if you want. I know your tired too." "Ok." She said to me with a bow. Then get up and move to bed. "Are you ok sweety?" I asked her when I saw she was a little surprised and stunned. I knew its beacause of our bed, she sunk a little from it cuz its a water bed. She just nodded at me then lay down on the bed. Soon I heard her deep breathing. Immediately, she already fell asleep peacefuly. I slowly approached the bed too, and stared at her. She has a very beautiful face and which is very gentle. She looks like a goddess, It was as if a goddess was coming down and sleeping in my bed. I couldn't help but caress her soft, smooth cheek. It feels so good because of its warm skin. I also lay down next to her. Then I hugged her from behind. It was as if I was on fire, its very hot. It was as if electricity flowed all over my body. I just toke a deep sigh, before I pressed my face against her. I didn't even realize it, I fell asleep too. I woke up to feel my arm twitch. I just smiled when I found out the reason for this. She was still sound asleep while resting on my left arm. We slept for an hour. According to the time I saw on my mobile phone. It was as if I was still swaying the smell of her. 'Hmm my wife fragrant is really good. And It's delicious and nice to sniffed.' I sniffed her like a sniffing dog. I can't help and control my self anymore, I hugged her. And I felt something gets angry in my body, my 'friend' 'Holy sh*t! I need you babe.' I whispered softly to myself. "Hmm." I was even surprised to hear her moan. And she hug me, she hugged me so tight too. I hugged her more too. Because of what I did, she Pushed herself even more harder on me. And one of her thighs clung on me. "Shit!" I was immediately shocked when her thigh hit my angry 'friend'. Although not painful because its not that strong, but suddenly it got more angry. It was like a soldier ready to rush into battle. "Hmm." She moaned again, and pressed her face against my neck. "Babe." I just said that. I can't control my self anymore. I kiss her, her lips are really soft. It feels so good. Its so sweet, so delicious. "Sweety." I whispered to her I can't help anymore. I pressed my kiss on her even more. I feel like I'm going crazy with the taste of it. I bite her lower lips and sip it. "Hmmm" I heard her moan again. And I followed the movement of my lips. It was as if my body was on fire. I kissed her even deeper. And My hands exploring her body. Her bare skin, were so soft and so hot. It was like a blazing fire. In its extreme heat. I lost my control, I immediately overcame it. I felt her arms on my neck. I felt its arms against my back. Clinging tightly there. That seems to be there to gain strength. My lips dropped to her neck. I kiss and bite her neck, and sip. As my hand caresses squeezing her chest. They seem to have their own. She growl even more louder. A growl that intensifies my feelings, its like a fire that added more firewoods to enhance the fire. And it was like as if my hands had a mind of their own and begon to explore more to her body. As long as my lips. I was even more adept at kissing her. On her lips, down to her neck and down to her two bulges. She tagged at me even more, and she also tightened her grip on me when my kisses going down there. "Hmm James." I heard she called my name. "Shakeera, babe." I also couldn't stop talking to my wife. "James." She keep on whispering my name, while her eyes was still closed. And then she pressed my face close to her I just smiled at what she did. Then I continued what I was doing. There was nothing else to hear in our room. But growl and moan. "Mmm.." I heard her growl as my hand going down caressed her. "Shakeera baby." I can't help I whispered to her. "Mmmm." My wife moaned again. Her grip on my hair getting tightened even more. It hurts but it did'nt matter. "Beautiful!" I was full of admiration as I look at her. "It's all your Hon." Closely she said to me. I just smiled at what I heard. My kisses immidiately going more. "Ohhh God! James." She moaned and moaned again. As her body trembled. "Yes baby, moan my name babe." I said softly to my wife. I felt it tighten and tighten her grip on my shoulder. "Ouch!" I heard her say. She pushed me a little harder. While she stared at me in shock. "Sorry sweety I don't mean to hurt you" I said to he. "Do you want me to stop?" I asked her again. She shook her head. "No! Don't stop please I'm ok." And she sweetly smile at me. I just moaned at what she did, and I covered her lips again too and hugged her thight. "Mmm James." She said softly to my name and she said breathlessly to me as well. "Yes baby." We could only hear our exchange of calling and whispering our names. Its really feels good to be with her. While closing my eyes, all that happened six years ago suddenly came back to me, the scennery in my unit, all. "Shakeera babe." I said softly to her. "Hmm." She growled without even looking at me. She just clings to me. "Are you that girl? The girl six years ago? The girl behind that lavender mask?" I almost whispered a question to her but enough for her to heard. Suddenly she looked up and looked at me in shocked. She also stared into my eyes for a moment. Then she averted her gaze. And closed her eyes again with out saying anything. But I know in my heart, she was. I just took a sighed before lying down next to her. I took another glance at her before I closed my eyes. Then I hugged Her tightly.
  • On the other hand... I feel like I'm swinging in the clouds. What a very nice dream I have, I was in a very beautiful garden. Lying down on a white blanket while resting on his muscled thighs. He was smiling as he looking at me, while caressing my long hair. He also stared intently at me. I could not see much better of his face because of the sunlight hitting his face. But his figure is familiar to me. As well as his smell. Smell that biting my nose. Gradually his face dropped to me. Down to my lips. I felt him bite it slightly. He immediately inserted his tongue inside my mouth. While his hands travel all over my body. He does caress and squeeze. I felt even hotter, when his hand landed on my chest. And he will hardly squeeze you, I almost shuddered as his lip dropped going down there. My whole body was shaking, because of the tickle caused by what he did. I was so shocked, I open my eyes, and startled to stare at him. I also slightly pushed him.
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