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Chapter 8 My Watch

  • Jaylen
  • I am the first one to arrive in the meeting room and I smile when I see Casimir standing next to his Father, “What the fuck are you doing outside your bed this early?” I ask as I walk over to him and I greet him and the King. We talk about the new Commander that will be joining us in a few weeks and I see a strange look in the King’s eyes.
  • I hear Elder Larson in my head saying that the others are on their way and I take a few steps away from the King and my best friend, if I can avoid anyone from finding out who I truly am it suits me just fine. I hear the others greet the King and Casimir and I patiently wait until Elder Larson joins us.
  • My jaw drops when I hear the female’s apology and when I look at her Midnight pushes forward, she might be a foot shorter than me but she is hot like fuck. My eyes nearly pop out of their sockets when I see her uniform and suddenly her remark makes a lot of sense, we all thought that Commander Morgan was a male.
  • The moment Casimir asks her how her members reacted I want to tell him to shut the fuck up, but Midnight is rolling in my head when she answers him. I see her turn towards the other Commanders and Midnight it front and center to see her punching Carl’s lights out, “What the fuck did he do?” Casimir asks me but I don’t have an answer.
  • “If you ever have the fucking guts to threaten a female to report her for whatever bullshit reason because she refuses to sleep with you, the King will be the least of your worries. I will hunt you down and make you regret the day my Father met my Mother, am I making myself clear.” She says in a calm but deadly voice.
  • Carl is trying to get back up, but he stops the moment she takes a step forward and he cowers down to the floor because of her aura. “Fuck, she is an Alpha’s Daughter.” Midnight points out. Luckily for Carl the King isn’t affected by her aura and he places a hand on her shoulder to get her attention, slowly dissolving her aura.
  • “Morgan, can you explain this to us?” the King asks. “Friday Captain Moura went to get our order from the kitchen, she didn’t wear her jacket as it was our time off and she ran into Commander Carl. He blocked her way and told her he wanted her naked, on all fours in his room in an hour.
  • Moura refused and he threatened that if she wasn’t there he would report her today to the King. I wonder how many females were reported by a Commander for bogus reasons because they refused to sleep with them.” She says as she keeps her eyes on Carl and I know that by the end of the day the King has questioned every Commander, including me.
  • The door to the meeting room opens and two Warriors walk in to grab Carl of the floor, they haul him off to the dungeons. Everyone stares at Morgan as the door closes again, “After this meeting is over I will have a one on one conversation with each of you, Commanders. I will find out if anyone of you ever used these same tactics and the consequences will be severe.” The King says.
  • Casimir asks Morgan how Moura is doing and I smile when I hear that her Mate was able to calm her down. We sit down to start our meeting and Elder Larson places the files that were meant for Carl in front of Morgan, looks like she will have enough work for the entire week.
  • “Commander Morgan, because this is your first meeting I will explain a few things.” The King says but she tells him to proceed, that she is aware of how these meetings work. There are two files in front of him and he grabs the first one, a case that got resolved with an unusual result. It was a case that my unit worked on and I see surprised looks on everyone’s faces when they hear how we resolved the matter.
  • The second file is also a case my unit worked on, but we hadn’t been the first unit to try and we didn’t manage to find a solution either. Two Packs are fighting over a piece of land connected to their territories, but neither Alpha is willing to compromise and we are waiting on the first report of casualties.
  • “Your Majesty, how long has this been going on?” Morgan asks and she gets told that this has been going on for two years already. She asks the King which Packs it concerns and I can almost hear the wheels in her head turn when he tells her it involves Red Forest Pack and Silver Dawn Pack.
  • “One more question, Your Majesty. What reason did they give for wanting that piece of land?” She asks and I am surprised none of us ever asked that question. The King looks through the file, but I already know what his answer will be to her, “There is no reason in the file and my unit never thought of asking that question.” I answer.
  • Amir confirms my answer and Morgan asks if she can handle the case. The King hands it to her without asking a question and I think she might be able to resolve the matter. After the meeting is over Morgan walks out of the room with a stack of files in her hands and I know I will not be seeing her until our next meeting.
  • Morgan
  • I still don’t understand where my Alpha aura came from, but it was amazing to see the piece of shit cowering on the floor. I know we will never see Carl again and I really hope that no other Commander ever pulled this stunt, because I doubt the King will take it easy on them.
  • Looking at the files I am holding I know our first visit will be to Silver Dawn Pack, but before we leave we will go through the other files to see who goes where after our first assignment. I smile when I see everyone waiting in the living room on the top floor and the first thing I tell them is about my apology.
  • “Okay, the King is going to question every Commander. Reason for that is because I knocked out Carl and threatened his life if he ever tried it again, he is currently in the dungeons.” I say and Moura thanks me for taking care of the Asshole. “No need to thank me, it is my job as your Commander to look out for you and that goes for each and every one of you.”
  • I hand out the files to my team Captains and ask them to take a look at them, “I want you to tell me which team will be best suited to handle it.” I say before I start reading the file on our first assignment and I can see that both units tried their best to resolve it, but they forgot to ask the important questions.
  • An hour later I hand the assignments to the best suited teams, “Our first assignment will be a unit assignment, two Packs are after the same piece of land to add to their territory and neither Alpha is willing to make a compromise. I want to know how long that territory has been vacant, I want to know what the reason for wanting the territory might be.
  • We will head out there and ask both Alphas to join us at the territory they are after, we will listen to both sides. After that I will give them a solution to their problem, if they don’t accept it I will inform the King and let him deal with it. As King he can order them to accept the solution we provide, but it will always be a last resort.” I tell them.
  • We all pack a bag, knowing we won’t be home for a few days and I see Flora place something between the door of our wing before she locks it, I ask her what she did. “A few of us have this feeling that someone has been entering our wing, it started about a week ago and I want to know if our feelings are correct.” She answers me.
  • She explains she placed a card between the door and if it is still in place when we get back they had been mistaken, but if it isn’t we need to think about what to do next. “Good thinking, but next time come talk to me.” I tell her and we head out to the SUVs, heading out to Silver Dawn Pack.
  • An hour before we reach the territory we make a stop at a diner and while we enjoy our meal we talk about what Danica and Orson discovered. We use our mind-link because we don’t want anyone to overhear us and I have all the answers I need to talk to the Alphas, I also have the solution for this dispute.
  • Our first stop in Silver Dawn Pack, I get out of the SUV to walk over to the guards at the gate, “Tell your Alpha to be at corner of your north-east border in an hour, no excuses.” I say and I walk away before he can answer me, I get back into the SUV to drive to Red Forest Pack.
  • At Red Forest Pack I give the guard my message for the Alpha to be at the corner of their north-west border in an hour and again I don’t wait for an answer, getting back in the SUV to head to the territory they are fighting over. When we arrive at the territory I see a lot of Warriors on both sides of the borders and it looks like they are about to go to war, well not on my watch.