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The Lycan King's Army

The Lycan King's Army


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Mind-link

  • Morgan, the Alpha’s Daughter. Book 1
  • Morgan
  • I wake up with a smile on my face, yesterday was the best day ever. Last night I had my Sweet Sixteen party and Mom had organized it to perfection, I am not a girly girl so pink was out of the question. Mom had used a few of my favorite colors; indigo and maroon.
  • From the table cloth to the decorations, she used indigo and maroon throughout everything. Only our Pack-members were invited, just like every other year and that goes for every party we have. Whether it is a party for me, the Pack or one of my six older Brothers Mom and Dad never invite other Packs, it is an unwritten rule within our Pack. It has been that way for centuries and I doubt it will change anytime soon.
  • The best thing about my Sweet Sixteen was the present from my family, a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and they ordered it in my favorite colors; black, indigo and maroon. Even the outfit, helmet and boots are black with indigo and maroon.
  • The jacket fits me like a glove and the same goes for the pants, both made of a sturdy material at demand of Mom, no doubt. My helmet is my favorite next to the bike, because Declan made sure our Pack’s crest was airbrushed onto them using indigo and maroon. A Wolf laying near a water shore.
  • The boots have a two inch heel with every possible protection feature and again I know Mom was behind it, but it doesn’t bother me at all. Dad made me promise not to ride my bike until Asthon taught me how to ride safely and I had to keep a straight face when I made him that promise. If only he knew I have been riding Ashton’s bike for six months already.
  • My name is Morgan and I am the youngest Pup of Alpha Tate and Luna Giselle, like I mentioned before I have six older Brothers. Don’t ask me how our parents did it but there is two years and a month between each of us and to make it even more creepy we were all born on the first of the month. We all spent our first year in the same room as Mom wanted the nursery near their bedroom, until on our first birthday we would get our own room.
  • Everything was well prepared weeks before my Brothers were born, Dad had made sure of that. The day before I was born Asthon had asked Mom why he didn’t have a baby Sister and Mom told him that we don’t always get want we want. He had asked her if she didn’t want a baby girl and she had said if I get a baby girl tomorrow I will be over the moon.
  • Ashton and Dad had laughed their asses off as they knew for a fact that Mom wasn’t pregnant, Mom and Dad had been trying for another Pup ever since Landon was born and Mom had been devastated when she found out she wasn’t pregnant a few months before that day. She didn’t want to try again after that.
  • Mom collapsed the next day just after breakfast and Dad rushed her to the infirmary with my Brothers running behind him. Dad kept feeling the excruciating pain Mom went through from time to time and it took hours before our Pack-doctor came out to see Dad.
  • You can imagine the look on Dad’s face as Doc told him he had a baby girl. Mom was in a panic as nothing was prepared for me, but she didn’t have to panic as everyone in our Pack helped our Beta and Gamma females. Mom still refers to me as her little miracle. With Ashton being born in January you can do the math on the month of my birth, I am a summer Pup as I was born in July.
  • So, I am the youngest of seven Pups and also the only female, but my Brothers never treated me any differently. I might be Daddy’s little Princess, but I am not a spoiled brat. Mom and Dad provide us with everything we need and if we want something extra we have to work for it, something we have always accepted without arguing.
  • I get out of bed to take a shower and as I wash my hair I think about what to do today. I have the day off as Dad calls it, because they figured I would sleep in after my party and even though I woke up later than usual it is still early. First thing on my list is breakfast and my stomach rumbles in agreement.
  • I grab my training outfit from my closet, even though I don’t have training today. I will go through my training by myself, because I doubt our Gamma will be expecting me and as I exit my room I think it is too quiet on our floor. This is usually the time everyone is running around to make sure they get to their destination on time.
  • Dad rushing out the door for his morning meeting, Asthon following right behind him for the same reason and Mom calling after them to be on time for lunch. My other Brothers running around to make it on time to training and again Mom yelling to be back on time for lunch, the only one that never rushes anywhere is me.
  • But today it is deadly quiet on our floor, even our Omega isn’t in the kitchen and I am glad I can make my own breakfast. I sit down at the kitchen island with my breakfast and my coffee, still not understanding why no one is around.
  • After I finish my coffee I rinse off everything I used to place it in the dishwasher and I make my way down the stairs to go to the training grounds. Every Pack-member that I walk past looks a little confused and I have to stifle a smile, looks like everyone thought I would be sleeping in today.
  • As I walk down the last flight of stairs I see that Dad’s office door is closed, he probably is in his usual morning meeting with his Beta and Gamma. One of the few times during the day he has his door closed and I walk towards the back of the Pack-house, the fastest way to get to the training grounds.
  • Again I am met with confused looks from Pack-members and it is starting to annoy me. Why is it so strange to see me out and about, other than my party from last night nothing unusual happened and that means I wake up at a decent hour. I shrug my shoulders as I reach the training grounds and I am met with confused looks again.
  • I go through my training routine like I do every single day, the only difference today is that our Gamma is a no show. It doesn’t bother me and I have worked myself into a sweat by the time I am done. I grab my water bottle that I emptied about fifteen minutes ago and I head back towards the Pack-house, this time I get a smile or a Goodmorning from those I pass.
  • The door to Dad’s office is closed and this time I wonder what is going on, normally the door would be open by this time. As I pass the Beta floor I hear a lot of commotion, but I ignore it because I am in desperate need of a shower and I want to be downstairs in time for lunch.
  • After my shower I blow dry my hair before I braid it and I decide to put on my light blue, high-waisted, skinny jeans with an off the shoulder black shirt. I grab my boots to go with my outfit and I apply a little mascara before I head out of my room, again I am met with silence.
  • I decide to check the kitchen and when I walk in I smell that no one has been here after I left, this really has me worried because Mom usually comes up here to change before lunch. I walk back towards the bedrooms and I can smell that no one has been here either in the past few hours, which is odd because my Brothers all take a shower after training.
  • Right now I wish Dad had initiated me into the Pack yesterday, but I understand that he didn’t want me to have a splitting headache during my party. It would make things a little easier though if I could link Mom or Dad, but I will find out at lunch what is going on and I feel a little better knowing I will see my family in a few minutes.
  • I decide to check my agenda on my way down to the main dining room to see when I have my Mother- Daughter day with Mom and I nearly lose my footing when I don’t see it scheduled for this week. I go through the agenda for the next three months, but I don’t see any Mother- Daughter days planned.
  • This is so unlike Mom, she loves our Mother- Daughter days and she always plans them ahead. It is her way of spending time with me and even though I was reluctant at first, I look forward to them just as much as she does. I hear chatter coming from the dining room and I put my phone into my back pocket as I enter the room.
  • Every conversation halts for a second, but soon the room is filled with chatter again and when I turn towards our table I notice my family isn’t there yet. I walk over to the buffet to place my favorite foods on to my plate and I grab a cappuccino before I head over to my seat.
  • I smile when I hear Mom’s voice getting closer, but the moment she walks into the dining room she switches to the mind-link as she looks at our Beta female and it doesn’t take long before I realize that all of them are talking through the mind-link.