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Chapter 2 Sleep

  • Morgan
  • It has been three months since my Sweet Sixteen and I am not sure if I should scream or cry. Every morning I wake up on an empty Alpha floor, my entire family out the door by the time I wake up and no matter what I try they either ignore me or they tell me they are too busy.
  • For as long as I can remember I was with one of my Brothers if I wasn’t in school, helping in any way I could and I learned a lot over the years. During my first year in school I learned fast that females wanted to be my friend in hopes to meet one of my Brothers and if none of them was around they would find any excuse to leave.
  • Some people didn’t want to be my friend for who I was, but for who I knew and because of my lack of friends I would help my Brothers in any way I could, filing papers or getting coffee as a young Pup and when I got older I would help them with more important things. Dad let me sit at a small desk of my own in his office as long as I was quiet and I would just sit there reading, writing or drawing.
  • Mom always said that by watching my Father and my Brothers work I would know the work my Mate would have to do on a daily basis, it is one of the things most Lunas don’t understand anymore and they are busier with their parties and dinners.
  • By spending so much time in Dad’s office or that of my Brothers I know every nook and cranny of our Pack-house, I know every position of our Warriors that are not running patrol and I know every route our patrols run. They never run a route twice in a row and our hidden Warriors are an extra security measure.
  • I know which Packs we have an alliance with, which Packs are friendly with us and which Packs we need to avoid for whatever reason. I know who the Wolves or Lycans in the leadership of a Pack are and who is to take over which position in the future.
  • I think I know more about our Pack on my own than all my Brothers combined. Sometimes I would hear Dad talk about other Alphas that spoil their Pups rotten, giving them everything they asked for. As I already explained Dad wasn’t like that, he made us earn our “extra” things as he would call them and that were usually things we didn’t really need.
  • I earned them by spending a lot of time in the kitchen, helping prepare meals throughout the day and I love being able to cook or bake. At first I would measure ingredients the Omegas needed, when I was old enough I helped with cutting fruits or veggies. The past few years I have helped cooking and baking for our Pack-members and Mom is really proud of what I have accomplished so far.
  • Spending so much of my time with Dad and my Brothers made Mom decide we would have a Mother-Daughter day once a week, which could be a day at the spa, a shopping spree or just sitting in the garden talking about major events in my future.
  • I would rather spend my days on the training grounds with my Brothers and our Warriors than with Mom and the other Lunas talking about whatever it is they talk about. As I already mentioned before I am not a girly girl and this was her way of bonding with me,I think she secretly wrote down everything I told her, just so she knows how to organize every event to my liking. I really enjoyed my days with Mom as long as it just the two of us, if other females joined us the conversation would always ends up in discussions on parties and their do’s and don’ts.
  • But we haven’t had a Mother-Daughter day in the past three months, I tried to bring it up with her during lunch after about two weeks and she just brushed me off as she said she was too busy. She is always of somewhere with our Beta and Gamma females, she even halts her conversations when I walk into the room.
  • I tried to talk to my Brothers and Dad during those first two weeks, but I got the same response from them. Dad barely says a word to me, even a simple Goodmorning or Hello seems to be too much. All I get out of my Brothers is “not now” “I am busy” “don’t have time” and more remarks along those lines. Even my training has stopped as our Gamma never shows up anymore.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner is spend in silence, even though I know they talk to one and other through the mind-link. Something I can’t use as Dad still hasn’t initiated me into the Pack and every time I try to bring it up he cuts me off. Normally every Pup gets initiated into the Pack on their sixteenth birthday, but for some reason Dad forgot he didn’t hold the ceremony after my Sweet Sixteen Party.
  • I stopped going to the dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner after a month, but I doubt anyone has noticed that I am absent. About a month ago I was wandering around the territory, just contemplating on what to do with my life and that is when I found a small cottage close to our northern border.
  • If I am not on the training grounds I am at the cottage, trying to find a new purpose in live and I think I have found it. I am going to sign up for the King’s Army, not really sure yet what kind of position I would like to get. I have moved quite a few things to the cottage in the past month and I will spend my days there to take some tests.
  • I hope those tests will help me figure out what I am good at and which positions within the King’s Army are best suited for me. Today I will head down to our Archive before I go to my own sanctuary, I am going to take my file out of the Archive and update it myself.
  • I doubt anyone has taken a look at it in the past three months or someone would have noticed that I wasn’t initiated into the Pack. As every morning I make my own breakfast and once I am done I erase every trace of me having been in there, I place a few items from the pantry into my backpack before I head out the door.
  • Walking down the stairs I go over everything I brought to the cottage already and I notice that even our Pack-members are too busy to greet me as I pass them. No one stops me when I enter the Archive and it only takes me a few minutes to find my file, as I guessed the last entry into my file is from my Dad. It is from my sixteenth birthday and it just states that I turned sixteen that day.
  • I place it inside my backpack and walk out of the backdoor to head to my cottage. I don’t run into anyone on my way over there and a week ago it would have made me sad, but not anymore. I am going to live my life the way I want it and not hold my breath for my family to finally notice me again, those days are behind me.
  • I have cried enough tears, I have had enough sleepless nights. I will focus on my future, a future away from this Pack and my family. I have taken everything from my backpack and placed it where I want it, before I sit down at the small table to start up my laptop. The alarm on my phone tells me that it is nearing dinner time, but I decide to eat at the cottage and continue with my test.
  • By the time I am done with my first test I notice it is dark outside and when I check the time I see it is almost midnight. I don’t hear anything outside, telling me that no one has noticed that I am not in the Pack-house or in my room and I decide to spend the night at the cottage.
  • When I wake up the next morning I get ready for the day and I head out to the training grounds. No one pays me any attention as I go through my training routine and after I have finished I go up to my room to take a shower and get dressed. I eat my lunch in the kitchen on our floor and like every other day by the time I am done it looks as if I wasn’t here at all.
  • I start my second test the moment I arrive at the cottage and by the time I am done it is time for dinner. I head back to the Pack-house to grab some dinner and I lock myself in my room after I am done. I read through one of the books I took from I library, a book on Wolf and Lycan Law and just before midnight I turn off the lights to get some sleep.
  • In the morning I go through the same routine as the past three months and as I walk into the kitchen I am surprised to see Colton, I say Goodmorning as I walk towards the fridge. He mumbles something but I don’t bother to decipher it and when I turn around he is no longer there, leaving me on my own again.
  • After training and lunch I change into my leather outfit to go for a ride and when I reach the gate our Warriors let me pass without asking questions, something that is a huge No-No in Dad’s eyes. I just let it slide as I speed away from the territory, just enjoying the freedom of riding my bike and when I return no one stops me to ask me where I went.
  • I end my day as I always do, reading a book in my bed until my eyes become heavy and I turn in for the night.