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Chapter 6

  • I turned to face them the minute I dropped the pen I signed the contract with.
  • “Strip.”
  • The order came from Blue. Though he said it in a very calm tone, it felt like insects were crawling on my body. I shivered, eyes going wide in fear.
  • “What? Didn't you just sign the contract? Why are you still dallying?” Fred folded his arms, giving me a once over as his face scrunched up, teasing. “You should have known what you were getting into when you signed the contract, doll. We like pain. You might have read it before you endorsed it.” He gestured behind me, at the contract I just skidded over when I saw the first paragraph.
  • “Ri… Right here?” I stuttered, scared out of my wits.
  • “Why? Where else do you want it to be? In your room?”
  • I gulped, knowing he was right. I knew what I was getting into by signing the contract. Though I wasn't ready for it, I had no choice. I had already given my consent by signing it.
  • I inhaled sharply before I placed a hand on the hem of my polo. I slowly raised it up and over my head. I felt self-conscious when I felt their fiery gazes on me. It felt like they were trying to stripe me bare with their eyes.
  • I went for my trousers. I didn't bother with my lacy bra because I wanted an ounce of dignity before I finally gave myself up to them. I got rid of my slacks, leaving me in my matching panties and bra.
  • “Turn around. Show us what we are getting,” Fred instructed. He folded his arms as he watched me. Though Blue hadn't said a word, I felt his hot gaze on me. Those orbs seemed to say so much more than Fred's mouth did.
  • On shaky feet, I turned to show them my back. I was feeling super self-conscious, waiting for them to point some flaws out. Aside from the time when I lived in the orphanage, I haven't been naked in front of someone, at least not as an adult.
  • There was a long-pronounced silence. It was too lengthy, and it made me feel nervous. I nibbled on my lower lip, not saying a word, as I patiently waited for an order from them.
  • “Not too bad. You can turn,” Fred ordered once more.
  • Not bad? I clenched my fists. I knew I wasn't as beautiful as the other girls, but that didn't give him the audacity to use those words on me.
  • I inhaled sharply before I did as he asked. I turned to face them, putting the anger off my face. This was just a signed business. It didn't matter what they said to me. As long as I got to have some information about them, I wouldn't mind the insults.
  • “Get rid of those.” He gestured to my panties and bra, the only piece of fabric keeping my dignity. With them gone, I would be nothing.
  • I didn't immediately do what he ordered. I slowly unclasped my bra. My small breasts became visible. Their eyes went there, to my light-brown areolas and pink nipples. Fred's eyes seemed to sparkle a bit at the sight, but Blue did not react at all. He was looking at me as if I were a tree standing in front of him.
  • I threw my bra on the floor and proceeded to remove my panties. I bent to get it off my legs before I stood, fully naked.
  • Fred's eyes went to the speckle of blonde hair on my snatch before he nodded. Though he didn't smile, I could tell he loved me naked more than he did when I was clothed.
  • “You are still a virgin, aren't you?” Blue suddenly asked, startling me with his emotionless voice.
  • Shivers went down my spine and I felt my puss clench. There was just one thing about the man in front of me that drove me crazy.
  • “You were asked a question!” Fred snapped.
  • A yelp tore from my guts as I furiously nodded. It felt embarrassing to tell men like them you were still a virgin. If only I had known, I would have found a man to pop my cherry before I visited them.
  • “Get on the bed. Lie flat on your back and spread your thighs,” Fred commanded, while Blue folded his arms, looking bored.
  • What the hell could be wrong with these brothers? One would have assumed they would be all over me the moment I got naked in front of them. Who would have guessed they would be as emotionless as a stone?
  • Freaking brothers! Had I not signed that damned contract with them, I would have thrown the file on their faces!
  • Pissed, I turned and strode towards the bed. I got on it like they ordered and lay flat on the back before I slowly spread my legs. I clenched my eyes tight, not wanting to see the bored expression that would be on their faces when they looked at my pussy.
  • No woman would ever want to be in such a situation. It hurts just to even think of it.
  • “Open your eyes, bunny," Fred commanded. His voice wasn't as indifferent as it sounded a few moments ago. It sounded groggy.
  • I slowly opened my eyes. I expected their faces to be neutral, with no reactions, but that wasn't what I saw. Though there wasn't much change in their expressions, I could tell they liked what they saw.
  • They fastened their eyes on my pussy as if it were some sort of eye candy. Their blue eyes had completely transformed. It wasn't possible, I was aware, but it had changed to a complete golden amber.
  • Shocked, I watched them, too dumbstruck to even utter a word. You could say I was frozen in time, gaping at the men as if they were aliens.
  • Fred slowly licked his lips. “Use your fingers to spread your pussy lip. I want to see the pink petals.”