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Chapter 9 She is with me

  • Derek’s POV
  • “Stacey, we are not going to attend the party right now! I don’t mind seeing you without makeup.”, I said when she was taking a lot more time than I had thought.
  • “Just a minute.”, I heard her voice and kept tapping my feet on the ground annoyingly because I was feeling hungry. “Don’t make me come in there.”
  • I heard her groaning. Maybe she was getting annoyed. But I didn’t give a damn about it. Finally, the door of her bedroom opened and she walked out of her room to the living room where I was waiting impatiently for her. As soon as she was in front of me, my eyes trailed over her body. I wouldn’t lie but she had good taste. The dress showed her legs off, showed the curves of her hips, and made her ass look good. I tried, I really tried not to look at her in that way and to control my hormones but I couldn’t. When my eyes met her, I was sure that my face would be flushed. My tongue was slowly caressing my lower lips.
  • “Shit!”, I groaned.
  • “Now I will surely wear this black dress especially if it is gonna make you look at me like that, then I wonder how will Adam’s react.”, She laughed.
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