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Chapter 6 All a dream

  • Derek’s POV
  • I finished cleaning all the dishes in approx fifteen minutes. At the same time, I gave myself time to pull myself out of all the thoughts which appeared just because I was damn too close to her. I couldn’t understand, I had worked and stayed near her all her life but she had never behaved in this way. But now that we had spent time outside the packhouse a couple of times, I started feeling attracted to her?
  • ‘What is all that about?’
  • ‘There’s nothing wrong in feeling attracted to her.’, Rex pointed out.
  • ‘This is wrong, Rex.’, I muttered in which he didn’t say anything.
  • “Come on now, Let’s go?”, She said, showing me the bottle of wine and two glasses and pulling me out of my thoughts. The two of us headed through to the living room. I didn’t know whether she was genuinely doing this or it was just a mere coincidence but her hands were touching mine, time to time. I felt a small shiver soar through my body and I made sure to hide my face because if she saw my eyes, maybe she would be able to see my desire. I sat down on the sofa, putting a small distance between us. She took the seat next to me, closing the distance which I was trying to maintain between us.
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