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Chapter 5 Kind Soul

  • Third Person's POV
  • The break up with Stacey angered Jared so much. He pitied her for hurting her and he was sure that Stacey was mad at him now. He thought Stacey loved him so much. That's why he felt frustrated.
  • As for Colleen, the woman he was about to marry, he didn't know what would happen to them. Marriage is a lifetime commitment for him and he believes in the sanctity of marriage. If there was something in this world Jared was most serious about, it was marriage.
  • Jared was now in their library and decided to read to get rid of everything that was happening in his life in his head for a moment. For him, reading was the best medicine to clear his mind. He has been a bookworm ever since and he brought that up to himself until now.
  • He was sitting on the couch reading a Tom Clancy book when his sister Ingrid got in and got his attention. "What do you want?" he asked and put down the book on his lap. He was sitting on the couch comfortably with a cup of coffee, sitting at the side table that he asked for their maid to bring him. He took it and had a sip as he waited for Ingrid to talk.
  • Ingrid was hesitant as she knew that her little brother was upset about everything. She wanted to talk to him about Colleen and their mom, but she made a promise to both of them. "I just wanted to say sorry if you feel that I or we had caged you with Colleen through marriage. However you think, please know that I and mom want only the best for you." Ingrid said, fidgeting her fingers. That's how she was whenever she wanted to say something but couldn't.
  • Jared raised his brow at her. He couldn't believe that his sister was actually telling him that it was for his best interest to break up with his girlfriend and marry someone else. In addition to that, he threatened him with the company.
  • "Taking out the opportunity and rights of choosing the woman I wanted to marry and threatening to give the company away was your way of giving me what's best for me?" Jared asked, annoyed. He thought that Ingrid, his sister, was mad for telling him that.
  • "I already know what you did. You broke up with Stacey and were ready to accept Colleen. I just want you to know that mom was very happy, not because you chose to marry Colleen, but because you broke up with Stacey." Ingrid told him as she sat on the couch in front of Jared. She took the book in his lap and smiled." You still love to read and this author is your favorite. An espionage and military intelligence novel, you really like working with your brain," Ingrid commented.
  • "I remember seeing you reading a romance novel as well. I know, now you're still reading those kinds of books. I don't think I know any man other than you who reads romance novels. This may be the reason why you were a hopeless romantic," she added.
  • " I don't need your praise for my reading habits, if you have nothing to say other than the crap you just spew, you can start leaving this room." Jared told her and took the book from her.
  • Ingrid sighed deeply and stood up, "You will understand in the future. One thing is for sure, Colleen is a very kind soul. Please do not hurt her in any way, physically or emotionally, she doesn't deserve it." she said and left Jared by, himself.
  • For Ingrid, she thought she had done her part to remind her little brother not to be harsh with Colleen. Ingrid really liked her and wanted Jared to be happy with her as much as possible.
  • After their talk, Jared leaned back and thought about what Ingrid had told him. He got curious about Colleen because Ingrid liked her. He knew Ingrid was a difficult person to deal with. Not anyone can handle her attitude, even Stacey couldn't get near her. She was very distant and looked intimidating.
  • But, Colleen did. His sister thinks highly of her, so that Ingrid appeals to him not to hurt her. It made him think that Colleen was a very fragile person.
  • Stacey, on the other hand, was Colleen' s complete opposite. Stacey was wild and outgoing. She didn't like boring people. She always finds a way to achieve her happiness.
  • Because of that, Jared suddenly felt uneasy and worried. It was because, as he left the hotel, he heard Stacey breaking everything. He never saw her get angry in any way. She was always forgiving and understanding, so knowing she acted that way made Jared think that he didn't know Stacey at all.
  • But because he knew that she was hurt, he set aside that uneasy and worried feeling. He thought anyone who had been dumped by the person you love would act that way or maybe worse. He may have expected her to stay calm, but he was glad that at least he knew that Stacey loved him, that's why she acted that way.
  • Jared decided to go to his room. He had lost his mood for reading. Instead of calming him, Ingrid's presence made it worse. He put the book back on the shelf where he took it and took the cup of coffee he used with him out of the library.
  • On his way to his room, he saw one of their maids and handed her the cup and asked her to take it to the kitchen to get washed. The maid took the cup and left.
  • As Jared continued walking to his room, he accidentally heard Ingrid's voice talking to their mom in her room. He didn't like to be eavesdropped on but he was curious as to why Ingrid sounded mad.
  • "Can't you lower your voice, Jared might have heard you," Claire said and sat on her bed.
  • "Mom, you can't just do everything by yourself. You know that you are not yet fully healed, you have to take care of yourself." Ingrid scolded Claire in a low and sweet voice.
  • Jared was shocked, he didn't know that his mom was sick. He couldn't help himself but barged into his mom's room." What do you mean she's not fully healed? When did she get sick? "Jared asked.
  • Both mother and daughter looked at him worriedly.