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Chapter 4 Stacey

  • Stacey's POV
  • I was with Derrick making out in his living room when Jared called me. I didn't want to answer but Derrick urged me to do so. I rolled my eyes at him and he just laughed silently, worried that Jared might hear him.
  • I answered his call in my sweetest voice so he wouldn't notice anything unusual. He said he wanted to talk to me tomorrow, so I agreed. He was always so surprised that he would call me out of nowhere and ask me to see him the next day.
  • I acted worried and asked him if there was anything wrong. He said nothing and just reminded me. He is at tomorrow's meeting. I said yes and we hung up the call.
  • "What is it?" Derrick asked curiously.
  • "He wanted to see me tomorrow. We just saw each other about two days ago and yet he wanted to see me. I wonder what it is that he will be giving me.", I told him, and he laughed.
  • "I didn't know that Jared was that i****, I mean, we had been cheating him from the very beginning and yet he didn't get any clue. Does his brain work only in his business?" Derrick said and I laughed.
  • "It was because I am very good at playing with him in my palm. He would do whatever I wanted him to do and I knew for sure that he would fight his family for me." I told Derrick confidently.
  • Derrick has been my boyfriend since college. He was a politician, so we hid our relationship and I needed Jared for that.
  • During the campaign, I had to give reasons just to ask Jared for money so I could help him. Derrick was good in bed, how he ate my p**** made me go out of this world and I would do anything so he would continue doing that to me.
  • I love how Jared f*** me as well. He was so big and I felt like his d*** was perfectly fit in my p****. But that's all, I wanted Derrick more and I only saw Jared as my back and f*** substitute when Derrick was not around.
  • "So, are you going to see him tomorrow?" Derrick asked me as he slowly slid himself down to my p**** and positioned his face. He looked at me as he stuck out his tongue, teasing me. I smiled and slid my panties sideways and grinded my p**** on his tongue.
  • "F*** Derrick, I like this so much." I told him as I continued grinding my p**** and creating friction on his tongue.
  • "I'm. Asking. You. If. You're. Going. To. See. Him. Tomorrow." Derrick said in between l****** on my c***. My eyes rolled at the back of my head because of the sensation.
  • "Yeeessss.... I had tooooo..." I answered, sensually.
  • He stopped what he was doing, so I looked at him. He was looking at me also and said, "Don't forget to ask for money. I needed a fund for charity," he told me and nipped at my c***. I got high instantly and said, "Yessss, f*** yes. Whatever you say."
  • "Then you will have a good f*** tonight." Derrick said, and I got excited. He knew different types of extreme s** and I liked it so much. That's why I wanted him more than Jared. He satisfies me in so many ways.
  • Derrick f*** me as hard as he could and in a different position I never thought that I could do. The next day, before going to Jared, we continued what we did last night. That's why I was very late for my meeting with Jared.
  • I had to reason out when he asked why I was late. I knew him already, just a kiss and he would forget everything.
  • When I looked at him as I sat on his lap after our deep kiss, I felt a little worried. I never saw him this distraught before. I was expecting a surprise from him given that he was the one who asked me to see him.
  • And as he said what he needed to say, I was so shocked, angry and worried.
  • Shocked that he had the courage to break up with me when I knew how much he was into me. Angry that I had expected him to give me an expensive surprise and not the kind he just told me, and worried that my personal bank would be gone from me.
  • I acted sad and hurt so he would change his mind. The perks of being his girlfriend were so big and I cannot risk that. Plus, I promised Derrick that I would bring him Jared's money when I returned.
  • I cried and did my best to change his mind, but after hearing that it was his mother and sister who had arranged his marriage, I got furious. I really don't like them.
  • Although they don't say anything in front of me, I can feel that they don't like me for Jared. I thought that they would let Jared decide for himself, but I thought wrong.
  • I balled my fist as Jared stood up and left me. Out of anger, I broke everything in the room. I don't care if it wasn't mine. I just wanted to have something to divert my anger.
  • I couldn't believe it, he broke up with me because his mom and sister told him so. I thought I had him in my palm and put a collar on his neck. I thought wrong. What's going to happen to me now? He was literally taking care of everything I needed. Derrick had not given me anything besides a good f***.
  • No, I wouldn't allow this to happen. I had to check out who that woman he was marrying. I was already getting used to everything I was having. Even the apartment that Derrick and I were staying in was from Jared's money.
  • I had to know what had happened, that his mother and sister took someone else as his wife and dealt with that woman. How dare she take my bank away from me.