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Chapter 6 The One Hour Ride

  • "One hour," Elvin said to his nude reflection in the mirror hanging on the wall of the bathroom. He hadn't tried it before. He wasn't sure he would last that long.
  • "One hour," he repeated to himself like he needed his mind to register the time frame. What had made him agree to this? Yes, he needed her to put on some clothes to stop the bulge in his trouser, and his need from aching every time he saw her, which was literally all the time. He needed a little bit of control over himself again, and if this was the price, his mind better be ready for it.
  • Elvin looked down at his need, he was still limp and sensitive. Around his feet on the white tiles of the bathroom floor, you could spot the sticky, white, milky substance, he turned on the tap to wash them off.
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