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The Lockdown Game

The Lockdown Game


Last update: 2021-10-27

Chapter 1 The Lockdown

  • Elvin Field ignored the ticking clock and closed his briefcase, he stood erect to look at the lady lying naked on the bed. Last night had been fun, he thought, and she was just a mere stranger. He thought against waking her up to get her things and best be gone, but seeing they had made love till four in the morning, best he let her get some rest.
  • Was she even working? Did she have somewhere she needed to be? Hope he wouldn't return from the office and find her here still on his bed? Elvin ceased the endless questions his mind was ready to ask, and he went downstairs to get breakfast.
  • Elvin helped himself with some coffee, his mind trailed off to last night.
  • He remembered taking her into the house. They would have moved immediately to the bedroom, but she probably was as hungry for him as he was of her, so they had started in the living room. She had undressed him while still clothed and had sucked on his sex till he was on the edge of release. She had licked and sucked on him like someone used to the art, and it had driven him wild with desire.
  • When she had finally gotten to her feet, he was too hasty not to have her, so he had helped her out of her panties, leaving her skirt in place, and he had removed her jacket, blouse, and bra. The sight of her had made her look sexy, and when he had slid a finger into her, he had found her wet.
  • The very thought of it. Elvin wanted to relive last night. He wanted to feel it anew, the urge, the sexual tension she had stirred at the bar, satisfied at home, and was now stirring up inside him again.
  • Elvin's mind drifted to when he slid into her, her moan had been the driving factor to his pleasing her. He had come multiple times in her, and her climax had been without counting. They had both left each other exhausted from pleasure, and still with the want to continue.
  • She had let him lick and suck her down there, and her climax every time was mind-shattering. He could tell with the way she had held his hair, as if looking for something to hold onto for support as her body shook beyond recognition and control.
  • Elvin looked around the living room and he could see all the places they had had sex. They had done it on the floor, on the sofa, on the dining table, and had finally ended up in the bedroom where he had been deep in her for hours.
  • He was surprised to be up this early. He should still be in bed as last night had been pleasing, but demanding. Actually, Elvin needed it. For the past few days, he felt like his life wasn't his own. What he did was wake, bathe, dress up, eat, go to work, have lunch, come back home, eat dinner, bathe, sleep, and repeat all these activities the next day.
  • But something odd had happened in the office yesterday. He tried to remember, yes, he had closed a deal and was told to have dinner with a certain client. The client didn't show up, then he had left a message with the waiter and had moved to a bar just across the restaurant to get himself a bottle of beer. And it was there he met her. 
  • This mystery lady, one that seemed to be crafted out perfectly with a flawless body, she could probably be a whore. Elvin remembered how she had sat astride him, rocking her waist back and forth, driving him mad, and pleasing herself in the process. Her pleasurable moans of climax, a sight he could never forget.
  • Elvin wondered how many men she had had sex with. The thought offended him, and the fact that they had acted like lovers last night seemed to be an addition to his anger.
  • He didn't believe in love. Due to his past and the multiple broken hearts that had followed in a trail on his path like broken toys discarded on the ground, he had grown a tough heart towards ladies. Sex, he was ready to give, not love, he didn't have time for such. He had his business which was a good distraction, and considering the fact he hadn't had sex in a long time, last night was a miracle. He still remembered all his moves, and places to touch in a woman's body.
  • Touch. The way she had touched herself last night also. Elvin felt himself go hard just at the thought of it. He looked at his wristwatch. Perhaps, he should abandon work and just stay in to relish the feel of last night. No, the offer was tempting, but he wouldn't succumb. No, he would not. He had developed a tough skin and no lady, not even this lady could penetrate him.
  • He gulped his coffee, got out a piece of paper, and wrote on it. He hoped she would find the note, well, she couldn't miss it. He left some cash for her on the table and whispered his goodbye.
  • Walking into the garage, he pushed the car remote to unlock the doors. He got in and remotely controlled the garage door, and through his rearview mirror, he watched it slide up.
  • Backing out of his house, Elvin's phone rang and he stopped reversing to answer it.
  • He checked the caller, it was his friend and work colleague, Bert Shepherd. Elvin answered and placed the phone to his ear.
  • "Hello, Bert," Elvin said.
  • "Hey, Elvin. Have you heard the sirens?"
  • "What sirens?"
  • Just then, sirens began wailing, and Elvin looked at his window.
  • "What is happening?" Elvin asked.
  • "Something happened last night at Square Park," Bert said. "Several people fell unconscious on the road, and phone calls were made to hospitals in the dead of the night. More people have been falling unconscious. The government doesn't know the cause, so they've declared an emergency lockdown and we are all to stay in."
  • The sirens continued to wail, and Elvin didn't know what to feel. He was torn between the joy of staying at home to relieve his sexual fantasies, and the need to distract himself with work. Not knowing what to do, he submitted to the lockdown.
  • "Thanks, Bert," Elvin said, and ended the call. He returned the phone to his jacket and wondered what this was.
  • He drove inside and controlled the garage door which slid close, his mind wandered to the lady on his bed and he felt his need get hard. What to do, he thought. What to do?