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Chapter 2 Betrayal Unveiled: The Shattered Illusion

  • She had set up a meeting with Daniel, Daniel’s parents and her own parents with one motive in mind.
  • ‘I want a divorce’, Catherine said at the gathering when everyone was seated. Shock was on everyone’s face expect from that of Catherine. Daniel too was shocked as he didn’t know where that statement was coming from and he was curious to know as to why she had said that. But from another perspective, he was actually glad and happy as this would enable him to become free and be with his lover but he never knew the trick Catherine was trying to pull.
  • ‘What? What do you mean by that? Is there anything we need to know?’, Daniel’s dad asked.
  • ‘I am tired of Daniel avoiding me. Since we got married two years ago, I have been suffering in that house and dying silently. He has never touched me and he barely comes home. I am tired and can’t take this anymore. I am filling for divorce soon and I just wanted to carry you along’, Catherine had said.
  • ‘Daniel, is there anything you want to say about this?’, Catherine’s dad asked.
  • ‘If divorce is what she wants, I will gladly give her’, Daniel said without hesitance which actually hurt Catherine’s feelings.
  • ‘Since both parties have agreed on getting divorce, then we should go on with that. But I will like to bring to your notice that, this divorce will bring an end to our partnership with your company’, Catherine’s dad said making a move to leave.
  • ‘That won’t be happening as no divorce is going to happen’, Jackson said making John halt in his steps.
  • ‘Daniel, I am giving you two months to make up with Catherine and get her pregnant. Failure to do that, I will be removing you from my will and transferring the management of the company to your brother, Liam’, Jackson said knowing Daniel would do what he had said and he wouldn’t dare defy his orders.
  • Jackson had Daniel wrapped under his arms and so, Daniel wouldn’t dare defy his orders. Daniel and his brother, Liam had always been in a power tussle. Daniel hated losing and so, he couldn’t stand the fact of him losing to his brother and be left with nothing/ The only thing he could do to retain the management of the company was to grant his father’s and which he did.
  • He made love to Catherine and she got pregnant with Daniel’s child. She believed the child would change everything but she was actually wrong. Despite the fact that Catherine was carrying his child, Daniel still never felt anything for Catherine and he only played along so he wouldn’t lose the company to his brother. Catherine cherished her pregnancy period and couldn’t wait for her to see her child being held in her arms.
  • Eventually, Catherine gave birth to Edward and the first time she held Edward in her arms, she felt a kind of connection between them. As she cradled Edward against her chest, she felt a deep sense of peace and contentment, a moment of pure joy amidst the challenges she was having with Daniel. With Edward in her arms, she thought everything was over all the love and attention had been craving to get from Daniel would finally be hers but she never knew that was the beginning of her doom.
  • The day Catherine gave birth, Daniel wasn’t by her side at the hospital as he was with his lover, and he actually cared less about the fact that his wife was in the labor room trying her best possible to give birth to his heir. After the birth of Edward, Catherine could care less about Daniel’s behavior as she had Edward as her companion. She nourished Edward with all the love she could and transferred all the love she had for Daniel to him. She and Edward were close and shared a strong mother and son bond.
  • Years went by and Daniel hadn’t changed his attitude towards his family. He loved neither his wife nor his son and only saw them as instruments to keep being in control of his father’s company. Through the years, Catherine had Edward and Molie by her side and she felt not the need to get Daniel’s attention again. Molie too had gotten her dream lover whose identity she didn’t disclose, and they had a kid together. Catherine tried meeting with Molie's man so many times, but Molie kept on bringing up different excuses which stopped Catherine from meeting the Ghost fiancé each time she wanted to.
  • On Edward’s 7th birthday, Catherine’s word shattered as the truth she never knew was finally revealed. She realized how stupid she had been for ignoring all the red flags and not realizing that she had all along being deceived by the people she loved and trusted the most. That day, she caught her best friend, Molie and her husband cheating on her. While amid the birthday celebration, Daniel had excused himself to attend to an urgent call but when he stood up and left, Catherine saw his phone which was meant to be used to make the urgent call beside her. Catherine picked up the phone thinking he had absent-mindedly left the phone and ran in the direction of where Daniel had gone. What she saw made her halt in her steps leaving her in utmost disbelief. There, she was Daniel and Molie hugging and kissing each other. She tried processing what she had just witnessed and then, everything began to fall into the picture.
  • The lady Daniel was crazily in love with is Molie and the faceless fiancé of Molie and the father of her child is actually, Daniel. She felt her heart breaking into pieces and she struggled to breathe as she couldn’t stand the level of betrayal she was seeing right in front of her. All she only tried to do was to keep the man she loved hoping he would one day love her in return but she never knew that day wouldn’t come.
  • As the reality of the betrayal sank in, Catherine felt a deep sense of hurt and betrayal as though her world had been shattered. She felt intense anger and hatred towards Daniel and Molie for their actions and as well as towards herself for ignoring the red flags, for trusting them completely and deceiving herself that she could make Daniel love her.
  • The betrayal echoed in her mind, playing out the moments of realization and deception over and over again. The future she had envisioned with Daniel and their child, Edward, felt uncertain and bleak, leaving her feelings adrift and alone.
  • ‘Catherine, is that you?’, Molie’s voice brought Catherine back to reality. Molie had noticed Catherine’s presence.
  • Catherine couldn’t speak as she didn’t know what to say at that moment and the only the thing she did was to flee the scene with her mind reeling with the betrayal she had just witnessed.
  • ‘Catherine, I can explain this’, Molie said with she and Daniel running after Catherine trying to catch up with her but Catherine never stopped. Catherine ran back to the event hall and there, Daniel finally got a hold of her.
  • ‘Catherine, stop. I can explain this’, Daniel said holding Catherine from behind. At this point, the people at the event became suspicious and sensed something was going on.
  • ‘What do you have to say? What can you say to justify the fact that you cheated on me with my best friend? And not only that you cheated on the me with her, you guys have a child together!!!’, Catherine said in a yelling and angry voice pulling away from Daniel’s hold in front of everyone.
  • After Catherine’s revelation, silence filled the whole room but whispers and gossips began to spread afterwards.
  • ‘You need to understand the fact that I never loved you. It is what you know, no doubt. I was forced to marry you against my will. I am sorry but the person I truly love is Molie. I am sorry if I had hurt you but I think it would be better if we get a divorce’, Daniel declared in front of the whole audience including their parents. His response was cold and detached.
  • ‘You want a divorce? After several years of loving you and 9 years of being married to you? If don’t even care about how hurt I would be, what about our son? Do you think Edward will be able to cope and bear the pain?’, Catherine had asked with pains clearly visible in her eyes and looking in the direction of Edward who was witnessing the whole scenario.
  • ‘He will cope. You can go with him once we part ways’, Daniel had responded emotionlessly with no guilt written on his face and not even taking a glance at Edward.
  • ‘Divorce? If that’s what you want, I will surely give you’, Catherine had said walking away, heading towards her car. As she entered her car and zoomed off, Edward’s eyes were fixed on his mother but he never that would be the last time he would see his mother alive.