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Chapter 4

  • The manager regarded Tony with a skeptical gaze, her eyes scanning his disheveled appearance from head to toe. She didn't think much of him, judging from the condescending look on her face. He could feel her doubt and disdain radiating from her like a palpable force.
  • "We're not hiring a driver or a Bartender at the moment," the manager said, her tone carefully controlled. But Tony could hear the disdain in her voice, the skepticism that she had considered him nothing more than an errand boy. He held back a sigh, trying to keep his cool.
  • "I'll let that pass since we just met," he replied, not quite managing to hide his irritation. "Now, can we get down to business? I've had a long day, and I'd like to get this over with, " He said bluntly.
  • "My apologies for any misunderstanding," the hotel manager said, her voice dripping with feigned sincerity. "Our only available room is the presidential suite, which may be out of your budget. Are you sure you wish to proceed?"
  • Tony could feel his patience fraying, his exhaustion deepening with every word. "Just get it over with," he said, his voice shaking with frustration. The manager's officious attitude was grating on his nerves, and he just wanted to be done with this whole ordeal.
  • "May I have your credit card to process the payment before showing you to your room?" the manager asked, her tone curt and unfriendly.
  • Tony simply pointed to the card he had given to the receptionist. As the manager's eyes landed on the card, her expression changed from one of irritation to one of astonishment. The logo on the master card indicated that it was reserved for an exclusive few, those with immense wealth and influence. It was a rare master card.
  • "A... royalty master card?" the manager blurted out, unable to contain her surprise. Tony and the receptionist looked at her with confused expressions, unaware of the importance of the card. The manager's mind was racing, trying to comprehend what this meant. Was this man royalty? A member of the elite? It was hard to fathom because of his casual look.
  • Tony and the receptionist exchanged glances, their puzzlement deepening. The manager took a deep breath, trying to regain her composure. "I... I'm so sorry," she said, her voice trembling. "I didn't mean to..."
  • "You don't have to apologize, just learn to treat people better next time," Tony said, cutting her off. His tone was stern, yet understanding. The manager's face flushed with embarrassment, and she bobbed her head in a quick, jerky motion.
  • "I'd like to upgrade my room pay, and add the cost of the upgrade as a tip for you and the receptionist," Tony said, noticing their obvious distress. "You both look like you could use a little extra." The manager and the receptionist looked at him in disbelief, their eyes wide with gratitude.
  • With a sense of urgency, the manager rushed over to the receptionist and snatched the card reader from her hands. She inserted the card and waited with bated breath as Tony typed in his PIN. The machine whirred and beeped, and finally displayed the word "Approved." The manager let out a sigh of relief, her shoulders relaxing as the tension drained from her body.
  • "Who will be showing me to my room?" Tony inquired, his voice soft and reassuring.
  • The manager's voice wavered as she responded, "I will, sir. I'm at your service." Her hands trembled as she fumbled with the room key,
  • "There's no need to be nervous," he said, "You're doing a great job." She nodded, her anxiety lessening slightly as they made their way to his room.
  • "If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to call me directly," she offered, scribbling her number on a card.
  • "Would you like some company?" the manager purred, her voice dripping with seduction. She had obviously found Tony attractive after knowing his status and was angling for a share of his wealth.
  • "Thank you, but I'll be fine on my own," Tony said calmly but resolutely. Cheating on his wife was the furthest thing from his mind. He couldn't even fathom doing such a thing, not when he had promised to love and cherish her for the rest of his life. The very idea of it was repulsive, and the thought of betraying his wife while still wearing his wedding band made him feel sick to his stomach.
  • The manager's smile evaporated, and she looked away, flustered and embarrassed.
  • "Sorry to have bothered you," she said, her voice strained with discomfort.
  • He looked away from her, ignoring her attempt at an apology. "I'd like a bottle of whisky, please," he said, his tone cool and detached. She nodded and turned to leave, but he spoke again before she could reach the door.
  • "And I'd prefer if a staff member could deliver it to my room," he added, making it clear that he didn't want any further interaction with her.
  • As Tony pondered the manager's interest in him and her reaction to his card, he reached for it to examine it more closely. He was stunned to see that it was a royal card, an exclusive piece of plastic that few people in his country could claim to possess. With this master card in hand, the holder has access to a world of opulence and privilege, where any desire can be fulfilled, and luxury can be attained. The card is a passport to a life of extravagance and indulgence, a world where nothing is out of reach. It is a symbol of power and wealth, a tangible reminder of status and privilege. And for as long as the holder possesses this card, that world is theirs to explore. The card itself was worth millions of dollars, and he felt a surge of pride at being one of the lucky few to hold one.
  • A few moments later, Tony was preparing to toast his new identity with a bottle of whiskey when his phone buzzed. The message that greeted him on the screen was from his wife, Helen. She had filed for divorce and needed him to sign the papers to finalize it. Without a second thought, he silenced his phone and put it aside, determined not to let her message ruin his evening. He had earned this celebration, and nothing was going to take it away from him.